Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspirational Eternal Icon

So what would you do if you had a cool £100,000 lying around?
Some would go out and buy a pair of shoes, of course!

Forget Jimmy Choo or Manolos, the UK based House of Borgezie has created the ultimate pair of stilettos. Studded with over 2,200 brilliant cut diamonds that totals over 30 carats in weight and are welded onto solid sheets of gold with striking detailing, you are guaranteed to dazzle and shine with every step taken in these babies. Which woman wouldn't want that?

click for larger drool-worthy photo

Named The Eternal Bozegie Diamond Stilleto, it is a true work of art. Designed by Christopher Michael Shellis and featuring the patented stamen heal design, each pair takes just over 1000 hours and a team of goldsmiths to handcraft. It even comes with an eternal (that's 1 thousand years, if you must know) guarantee. For the price, I think that's only fair.

Five pairs have already been sold to the well heeled (quite literally!) and interest from celebrities are growing.  
click to enlarge and marvel at this gorgeous investment piece
Fancy ordering a pair yourself? - visit House of Borgezie today! (or just visit to see more drool worthy pictures and how this beautiful masterpiece was made)

So would you buy this if you had £100,000 to spare?

Image source: House of Borgezie

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