Saturday, August 7, 2010

First Australian Zara store at Pitt St Mall

Spanish based Zara Clothing (part of the Inditex Group) is a global fashion powerhouse, famous for being able identify the latest fashion trends and have them for sale worldwide in as little as two weeks.

Zara has finally decided hit our shores and 3 weeks ago announce its intention to set up shop in Australia next year.

Now Westfield has confirmed that the first Australian store will open at Westfield's Pitt Street Mall shopping centre in Sydney. According to news reports, it will be 3 levels of retail spacing covering just over 1800 square metres. That's enough fashion to to suit every taste, especially when new styles come out every few weeks.

I don't yet own any Zara pieces yet, but look forward to being able to get into a shop and check the hype out all for myself, particularly when a store hits Melbourne.

Will you shop at Zara when it opens in 2011?

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