Saturday, August 14, 2010

Inouvi Cosmetics $1 Sale - On Now

iNouvi Professional Cosmetics is probably a lesser known makeup brand in Australia but have been hugely popular in Asian countries since their establishment in 1996.

Overview of iNouvi Cosmestics
  • intelligent makeup - combines makeup with skincare by featuring pigment rich colours enriched with antioxidants, botanical extracts and vitamins. 
  • developed in Italy, France and Japan for professional use.
  • all products are formulated fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and without any animal-derived ingredients.

Best Sellers
Ivoluxe lipsticks - an extra creamy and hydrating formula containing Evening Primrose Oil, Squalane and Sweet Almond Oil and comes in an array of intense colours. Made in Japan RRP $21USD
Pressed pigment blushers D36 - silky soft texture on the skin that provides for an even finish. Enriched with natural UV filters and anti-ageing agents to protect the skin. RRP $19.50USD
Eye colours D27 - pigment rich, high intensity eye shadows resists fading or dulling. Enriched with natural UV filters and anti-aging agents to protect and condition the sensitive eye area. RRP $18USD

I'm unaware of many places that stock iNouvi products in Australia (in fact, I wasn't even aware of their existence till a week ago) but have found out recently that all iNouvi products are on sale at Stefan's Hair Fashion Shop for $1AUD each. That's right, this is not a typo folks. Although the product range at Stefan's is quite limited, the colours available for the the top selling lipsticks and blushers are almost complete and are a real steal at only a mere $1AUD each (do I have to repeat this one more time?).

How to choose colours
  • The swatches online on the iNouvi site are not too helpful, as some colours appear quite different when compared to the real life swatches I've seen online. It does, however, give an idea of what colour family the shade is in. 
  • For swatches to the lipsticks, visit Jojoba's blog - she's swatched almost all of them. She also rated quite highly the concealer so give that a try also.
  • I have not found any good swatch sites for the blushers, but fear not, yours truly have ordered the entire range that Stefan has on offer so should be able to do some swatching of them next week (all in the name of beauty blogging of course :-)).
  • There are only a limited range for eye products on sale which is a shame but if any of the colours take your fancy, definitely pick them up.

Be quick, I'm sure this absolute bargain at Stefan won't last too much longer and will sell out in no time. Happy shopping everyone.

P.S - Shipping is flat rate $11 Australia wide. Those lucky locals in Brisbane or Sydney can probably go there in person and see the colours themselves and test them out before picking up these gems . I'm not sure if iNouvi products are stocked in all stores, so be sure to phone ahead before heading out there. Stefan also ships internationally at a higher rate (contact them for a quote). I'd say if you are picking up a good number of iNouvi items, the savings more than makes up for it many times over.

P.P.S. - I've not yet tested or used any iNouvi products myself. I've just made my massive order of 71 items tonight, so I can't wait to receive them and try them out next week.

Edit: Go check out my swatches on the involuxe lipsticks here or see the blush swatches part 1 & part 2 posts.

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