Wednesday, August 18, 2010

iNouvi sale continues with new items

Stefan has now added new iNouvi products for sale today. They now have makeup brushes, stardusts, glitterati and other goodies listed.

My star picks of the new items: 

cheek rouge: playful sparkly colours for cheeks and eyes
Immaculate powder: luminous powder for a flawless finished look.
eyecake: wet/dry cake liner that doubles up as an eye shadow - talk about multi-tasking.

Honourable mentions go to the eye shadow contour brush and fan brush which is made of fox hair.

All items are going out at AU$1 each. Check them out and grab them while they last ladies :-)

If you haven't already, check out my iNouvi sale post for more info on iNouvi cosmetics.  International orders are accepted.

Go check out my swatches on the involuxe lipsticks here or the blush swatches part 1 & part 2 posts.

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