Monday, August 23, 2010

Pretty and functional jewellery stand

There are many jewelery stands and boxes out there but it's sometimes hard to find a pretty jewellery stand that can actually hold more than a few pieces of items, particularly hook earrings as these need their own slots for each earring.

So it was a great find the other day when I stumbled across the prettiest dressmaker's mannequin inspired wire jewellery stand.

It is sturdy and stable and has many holes to hook your earrings around the wire skirt, turning the dress into a pretty kaleidoscope of your favourite earrings while the wire arms allow you to drap necklaces and bracelets over on top.

Don't you think she is a wonderful piece of functional art?

So how do you normally store your jewellery?

RRP A$19. Available in Target stores nationwide.


  1. It is very cute! But I wear mostly silver and it oxidises if I leave it standing..

  2. I'm a silver girl myself. I find even if I store my silver jewellery in closed boxes, over time they still oxidise. Goddard's Silver Dip are great for bringing back the shine and brilliance of tarnished silver pieces - give them a try.


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