Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Review: Klorane Extra Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

I don't know about you, but one of the beauty routines I hate most during winter is hair washing. I hate the dripping wet feeling when coming out of the shower in freezing temperature in mornings or at night and the need to endure the naked stand in the bathroom while I use the hair dryer to blast my hair dry for a good 10 to 15 minutes. Sure, a good hair dryer helps speed this process up, but I still have to stand there to towel dry my hair, followed by blow drying and a styling attempt afterward.

Being the lazy and enterprising person I am, I thought it was time to look at dry shampoos as a means of refreshing my hair in between my twice weekly washing days while I wait for the warmer weather to arrive for more pleasant hair washing experiences.

Klorane extra gentle dry shampoo with oat milk 
  • for frequent use
  • cleanse hair without water
  • contains aluminium starch and fine oat milk powder to soften and add volume back to limp greasy hair
  • aerosol spray can action to deposit powder onto hair to absorb the grease before being brushed off
  • fresh clean scent that reminds me of freshly washed linen

How it performed
  • used on 3 day old head of hair, it did mop up some of the grease on my head and gave some volume back to roots.
  • contains alcohol which is used as the propellant and quickly evaporates when sprayed - I found it slightly drying on hair with daily use.
  • being a white powder, it took alot of effort and much brushing to remove the dry shampoo out of my thick and dark coloured hair. 
  • can aggravate head with all the extra brushing if you are dandruff prone. Sometimes it was hard to work out whether I was brushing off oat meal or dandruff flakes.
  • as I have thick hair, a 150ml can lasted just over 3 uses, making it quite cost ineffective for frequent use.
Dry shampoo powder

Overall thoughts
After trying out dry shampoos, I think they are a poor man's substitute for hair washing and not all that much more convenient than the real deal unless you are chair or bed bound and have little other choice. I did not find that the dry shampoo powder gave me back enough lift and volume back to my hair, nor did it cleaned hair very properly. Even in this inconvenient cold weather, I rather bring in the portable heater into my non-heated bathroom to wash my hair the proper way.

Rating: 5/10. RRP A$14.95


  1. I too have dark hair and the same winter-washing woes. My girlfriend taught me the neatest trick ever - baby powder!

    Basically I sprinkle baby powder in the palms of my hands, rub my hands together so there's just a fine layer of talc on them, then rub directly on my scalp, as though I was giving myself the gentlest headrub. About 3 quick goes through my hair, and it takes me up to day 4 easily! The first time I did it was a bit awkward, but now it takes 2 minutes. And costs a delightful almost-nothing!

    Try it!

    Sharon (www.sharonpakir.com)

  2. thanks for the tip Sharon, I shall give it a try next time to see if it fares better for me.

  3. I have to agree with you on dry shampoo not being able to revive hair that effectively for me either. Although I do use it daily, as washing hair the night before makes it limp and borderline oily by morning, so I need a spritz of it just to get me through the day.

  4. I use both Klorane and Johnson's baby powder, depending on what mood I'm in, to refresh my fringe on the third day if it looks greasy. I put the rest of my hair in a ponytail and my fringe looks nice and clean. I prefer the baby powder as it smells nicer and leaves less residue, but the Klorane is better if my hair is really dirty. I haven't tried it on my whole head but I imagine it wouldn't be too good for my hair!

  5. Alana - Yer, I don't think it works too great on the scalp for me, and now that it's getting warmer, I'm glad I don't have to consider it as an option to keep hair from being so greasy.

    Akisa - my hair doesn't grease up in a day thankfully so I think I'll just use shampoo:)


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