Thursday, August 26, 2010

Review: SHE Rosehip Oil

When you hear the word oil in skincare, the image of greasy skin, shininess and pore clogging skin would pop up in many people's head.

Oil have been given a bad rep but not all oils are equal and in fact, many are good for you - especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. Some oils can make a world of a difference to your skin and may even help to relieve some skin conditions.

My skin is hating the winter this year as it has been particularly cold and windy. My typically normal/combination skin has decided to revolt and is becoming more dry and sensitive, and my skin was craving oil like it has never before.

Despite being normally afraid of oils on my face for fear it might cause skin congestions, I kept reading and hearing that rosehip oil is great for dry skin and assists with healing scars, I finally decided it was a 'must try' item for my parched skin.

SHE anti aging rosehip oil on my skin
  • made of pure cold press rosehip oil (not specified which variety), vitamin E and rosa Damascena absolute
  • smells like lovely roses with the rose absolute added. Rosehip oils do not smell as sweet as roses rather it has a slightly botanical scent
  • light oil and absorbed quite easily by skin
  • left skin soften and smoothed
  • great for assisting with fading new scars by healing them faster. Did not help with old acne scars
  • gave skin radiance and even tone next morning
  • skin firmed up quite nicely after 3 weeks of use
  • best eye treatment hands down - wrinkles and fine lines were smoothed and plumed up immediately and after a period of use, fine lines were softened. My mum's who's in her late 50s loves this stuff
  • only 2 or 3 drops are needed for the entire face 

I think I may found an oil that works as well on my skin as the more fancy and expensive creams and lotions for skin firming and soothing. The only problem I now have is that my body (especially the scaly legs) loves rosehip oil as much as my face and I find that a bottle would last me just under 2 weeks before running out. The quest is on for buying this product in large quanities at affordable pricing. Stay tuned on my quest to hunt for alternative rosehip oils.

Have you tried rosehip oil yet? which is your favourite brand?

Rating: 9/10. Definitely a must have product for addressing fine lines, fading new scars and firming skin up.
SHE Rosehip oil RRP A$17.95 for 15ml


  1. wah thanks for sharing this! I'm thinking about getting it too

  2. Do you just apply the oil straight onto your bare face? Please share your tips.Thanks.
    natural cosmetics products & skin care

  3. Hi Ere, yes you just apply it onto your bare face after cleansing - a few drops onto finger and rub in gentle circular motion until absorbed into skin


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