Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

Masks usually have deep cleansing and moisturising properties; they nourish and hydrate skin while helping to reveal fresher skin by removing the top layer of dead skin cells that dull our complexions.

Applying face masks are a favourite beauty ritual of mine and I try to find some time at least once a week to put pop one on. Weekends are generally a great opportunity as I can apply the mask and then go off to do other chores around the house.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel
  • Made for sensitive skin 
  • 100% certified organic ingredients - made from apple, lemon, grape and raw cane sugar juices. 
  • Paraben free, petroleum derived ingredients and contains no synthetic fragrances.
  • Gel based mask that will genly exfoliate skin while improving skin's hydrating levels. 
Ingredients Listing

How it performed
  • Has a sweet fermented apple juice scent and reminds me of hot apple ciders & home-made masks. 
  • Applied as a thin layer over skin, it causes a slight tingling sensation for the first two minutes and then settled down. 
  • Left on skin for 10 minutes, the gel began to dry and formed a slight film on top of skin. 
  • After washing off, skin was soft and fresh looking & did not feel tight or dry.
  • Did not cause redness or irritations, unlike some other harsher peels I've tried.
  • Not sure if this brightens skin as claimed by product but skintone did improve. 
  • In terms of exfoliation power, this peel is gentler than manual facial scrubs but still able to remove those pesky dead skin cells.

This is a great alternative mask to exfoliating scrubs for those with sensitive skin that find that manual exfoliation leaves skin feeling raw and red as the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) work to gently reveal new skin.

Rating: 8/10 RRP A$69 for a 60ml jar at selected Myer, David Jones, pharmacies and online stores.


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