Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Pantene All Day Smooth Light Weight Creme

With the recent rainy weather, my hair's been acting up and it's been looking like a frizz ball rather than its tame 'normal' self (disclosure: I have permanently straightened my hair 7 months ago with Shisiedo's straightening system. My natural hair is wavy, thick, has a life of its own and is impossible to manage most days).

So on top of tackling breakage, I now need to tackle frizz. I decided to go with a new product from an old trusted line.

Pantene All Day Smooth
  • Leave-on cream that can be used on damp towel dried or dry hair.
  • Can be used daily without adding weight to hair.
  • Softens hair and helps to untangle them during brushing, preventing hair breakages.
  • Protects hair from external stresses like UV, air conditioning
Ingredients listings
How it performed
  • Light semi-fluid in texture, and despite having cyclomethicone and dimethicone (2 different types of silicones), it was not too slippery and didn't leave hair feeling it was covered by silicone.
  • Lightly scented so not too overwhelming on hair.
  • In terms of keeping hair smooth and frizz free, I felt it had limited success. Hair was less frizzy but it only controlled it for a few hours before things got a bit crazy again.
  • After repeated uses over a few days, although smoothed, hair started to feel more greasier than normal and started to feel silicone like.
  • Needed more shampoo to wash and clean hair of this styling product.
    Overall Thoughts
    This smoothing creme is handy to have in the handbag to fix fly-aways when out and about with its convenient size. It's something that provides a temporary fix to frizz and tangled hair but I wouldn't use it daily as hair starts to feel greasy repeated use.

    Rating: 6/10. RRP A$6.99 for 90ml at leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

    I requested and received this product from Proctor & Gamble as part of a recent nationwide promotion.

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