Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eats: Seoulia Korean BBQ Buffet

Since attending a BBQ gathering 3 weeks ago, I've been craving for more meat of the barbequed variety. Sorry vegetarians - you can skip reading this post before its gets messy for you.

Given that I live in an apartment, it is pretty hard to have a BBQ at my place so I scoured around for a decent BBQ place that I can satisfy my hunger with.

Mr. Yoyo and I have settled on an old favourite locale of ours (actually Mr. piggy of the day has already visited this place more than half a dozen times over the past 4 years) so we knew that we were in for a feast and starved ourselves for the day (joking, but we did run around a fair bit that day so was quite hungry when it came to dinner time).

Korean BBQ is where you sit at a table with a BBQ plate in the middle for you to cook your own meats. I love the concept because it means you cook the food when you feel like it and it's always piping hot whenever you eat it. It also means you are at control of your meals as you can BBQ the food as quickly or slowly as you like.

As with all buffets, you settle the bill upfront and are then allowed free reign to go pick on the food to your hearts content.

There is a small but fresh and thoughtful selection of marinated and plain meats (beef, chicken, slices and diced pieces, pork belly, chicken ribs, giblets, calamari and baby octopuses) and a good variety of vegetables (cucumber, freshly sliced mushrooms, hot green chillis, Kimchi, onions, garlic and lettuce to wrap you meats in). There were also rice and miso and pumpkin soup on the night. Food was fresh and plentiful and the meat trays were always promptly refilled when it rang out.

The whole cooking and eating experience was immensely rewarding and pleasurable. With meat sizzling on the piggy shaped gas hot plate, I enjoyed dipping my perfectly cooked meats meats in their hot chilli and bean paste sauces and the hot teas and then cooling down with chilled water. You can also order decently priced bottled drinks and sake at addition charge.
Calamari, sliced marinated beef, baby octopus,  marinated chicken breast pieces all sizzling away
What I love most was the ice cream freezer, they only offered vanilla or chocolate flavours but when they are so creamy and flavoursome, I don't think I would ask for anything else. Their sweet orange slices as a final palate cleanser after all the binge-eating is very refreshing too.

Needless to say, our bellies were very full after the whole 2 hour affair (there is a time limit on your BBQ session to try and save you from the whole buffet abomination) and I'm very satiated. My meaty cravings have been quelled for the next few weeks at least.

As with any BBQ, the smoke will get into your hair and clothes so make sure you dress with this in mind and dont' wear anything you don't want to be washed anytime too soon.

The surprising thing about this place is that it is not listed on Urbanspoon. Gasp! This has got to be Melbourne's best kept buffet secret and it sure beats the newer Gogi's overpriced offerings.

980 Whitehorse Road Boxhill 3128 VIC
(03)9899 2696
A$28.50 per person. This is a very popular eat-out with locals and bookings are essential via their online website. Look out for their too cute piggy BBQ plates that you will be cooking in when you arrive.

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