Sunday, October 3, 2010

Inaugural Melbourne Beauty Blogger Event

Yesterday, on a rare beautiful sunny Melbourne afternoon, more than a few of us forgot the AFL Grand Final rivalries between the Pies and the Saints to indulge in a little social gathering.

And why not when you are privileged enough to be invited to the inaugural Melbourne Beauty Blogger's Event (MBBE)? - a real life meet and greet session with the other gorgeous beauty bloggers rather than our usual twitterland gatherings. It was also an opportunity to share our stories whilst we recognise and celebrate the contributions bloggers make to the beauty publishing industry.

Valerie @ was the ingenious mastermind behind the event and single-handedly planned and organised  the epic task. I'm telling you, getting 18 beauty bloggers together in the one room is no mean feat!

Image courtesy of Steph 
The event was hosted at Oxygen Skin Centre, a swanky new skin treatment clinic in the Docklands with its top hat-styled lights and decadently furnished private rooms.

We were treated to wonderful sandwiches, cheeses and nibblies from Earl Canteen (their macaroons are to die for!), and coconut drinks from Nudie (very different from the Asian styled ones I'm used to), and in between chats and bites, we were indulged with hand massages (oh so relaxing) and jelly crystal foot massages.
Image courtesy of  Celina

What's a bloggers' gathering without photos right? We took plenty of our own while a pro wandered around and snapped our mug shots. I can't wait to see those photos as I wasn't able to be as happy snappy due to failure on my part to bring a fully charged camera and my battery ran out of juice mid-way (DOH!).
With the lovely Violet (Voilet Le Beaux), who served up advice on how to get volume on hair like hers

Beauty Bloggers Celina, Tine, Nadia, Akisa, Violet

The mingling was in full swing before we were gathered around for a wonderful speech opened by Valerie which was met by thunderous applaud for her top efforts in organising the event.
Organiser extraordinaire Valerie
This was followed by an inspiring speech by Sandi Sieger, editor of online Onya Magazine, who shared with us how she came to be in the publishing industry and how one event managed to change her life.
Sandi on how to enter the Publishing industry
We then chatted some more about our own inspiring stories and shared HG product tips before time ran out and it was time go home.

After bidding our goodbyes and trading contact details with the promise of a next gathering in the very near future, Valerie sent us home with not one, not two, nope, not even five but wait for it... SIX amazing bags full of goodies. It weighed a tonne and I was sure looking for a trolley to wheel it back to the car.
Preview of just some of our goody bags
It looks like I'll be having a very busy month showcasing you the products from my loot in the next few weeks.

Again, a big thank to you Valerie for going to all the trouble to co-ordinate and host such an awesome event. She is a wonder-woman I tell you.

You can read more about the day on the other beauty bloggers posts linked below:
I may come back and update this post with more photos with what the pros send us in the next few days.


  1. Looks like a great day was had by all - and a fantastic looking goodie bag haul for everyone! What a treat - have fun trying out all the new products!

  2. Great meeting you that day! :D

    PS: I wanted to email you about something we chatted about on Saturday, but for the life of me, I can't recall what it was! DRATS!!!

  3. Great post, was so lovely to meet you =D Good luck with the new laptop ;)

  4. It was so great to finally meet you Amy. :)

  5. Lovely to meet you on Sat! :)

    Nice write up and looking forward to more beauty blogger catch ups! :)

  6. @Tine - I remember, it was about the Clarisonic haha. But I on the other hand can't remember what I wanted to email Violet or Jacie about now :(

  7. We should do a coffee for those who work around the city in the next couple of weeks :)

  8. Lovely to meet you! I agree with Lilpil, we should totally have a CBD coffee soon :D

  9. Coffee catch up?? I'm in haha! MBBE was so much fun, and it was great to meet you lil :)


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