Friday, October 15, 2010

NOTD: Inglot Nail Enamel - 316

I am pooped from work this week so here's a lazy post from me today.

Inglot Nail Enamel #316
No names are given for Inglot lacquers. Instead, they come numbered. This one is #316.
Inglot #316 - 2 coats in fluorescent light
Colour: baby pink in the bottle, with iridescent flashes of fiery blue/lavender in the light. One word: Gorgeous! You can't really see the blue flashes in the photo but trust me, it is very evident in real life. This is the perfect jazzed up neutral shade, nude enough for work but glam enough for play as well.

Finish: High gloss iridescent finish - on the sheer side with one coat and true to bottle colour with 2 coats.

Application: Every easy. Non-streaky and quick drying.

Lasting Power: Excellent. The photo above was taken after 3 days of wear without topcoat, you can see slight fading on the edges of the nails but the gloss and colour is still going strong. Being a sheerer shade, the fading is not too noticeable and honesty, I think I can wear this shade for a whole week before it looks ratty.

Rating: 10/10. Love the shade for its multi-dimensional colours in the light. RRP A$15 at Inglot stores. I bought this on their last sale for only A$5 (they rarely do sales but when it's on, most of the colours are on sale and I highly recommend picking some up then).


  1. Looks pretty enough for $5, but I wouldn't spend full price for that colour. It lasted well for no top coat though!

  2. You must see it in real life, it's in my top 10 fave shades.

    The formula is on par with OPI and cheaper too. Day 6 and looks pretty much the same as day 3, and that's after a busy weekend with lots of cleaning. No chips or flaking off at all. I have to do a topcoat test next time cos I imagine that will double its life to 2 weeks.


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