Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: Modelco One Night Tan

I'm not much of a tanning person as I can get quite dark easily with just a small amount of time in the sun. I know for fairer ladies, they would curse me and wish they had my tanning genes. If I could, I would happily swap places with you fair ladies.

Besides, tanning under the sun or in a tanning salon will just lead to premature aging with the onset of freckles, sunspots, hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles (yikes, and don't get me started on the old skin cancer line either) - all of which are far from pretty. But fear not y'all, I've found a product that will make you look like a natural bronze goddess without all the harm, and the best thing is you can go right back to being the pale porcelain princess I so covet straight after you're done with your bronzed-goddess look.

Modelco One Night Tan - Wash Off Instant Bronze Mousse for the Body
First Impressions
  • Instant gratification faux tanner in a can that gives skin a warm sunkissed look
  • Despite the product packaging saying there is no sparkles, but it does contains micro-fine gold shimmer  particles to impart radiance and glow. It is very natural looking and does not look sparkly at all. 
  • Light-weight velvety mousse formula means that you can't over apply on skin as the mousse will spread easily over the body and give it a thin coat of colour. 
  • Quick-drying and once dried, is smudge-proof so have no fear in wear that pretty white dress out with this. 
Ingredients listings

How it performed
As I mentioned, my skin is naturally medium colour in skintone so I don't normally go looking out for bronzing products (with the exception of a face bronzer for contouring purposes) as I fail to see the point in looking more orange. I didn't have too much of an expectation on this product but boy did it impressed me (and you know how hard that is- just ask Mr. Yoyo).
(L-R) untanned leg, Modelco One Night Tan leg

  • Skin looked more even toned with a subtle golden glow. No orange tones or splotchy legs for me here. See above photo for more evidence. 
  • Skin felt smoother and softer to look at and touch. All this thanks to the shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera extract in the formula so you are doing your skin some good while applying this faux tan. 
  • I love the very light coconut scent - usually not a fan of this kind of scent but Modelco has just the right amount that it does not over power. I definitely felt like I was floating to a tropical location after putting this stuff on. 
  • A mitt is recommended to apply the mousse for streak-free finishes but I didn't have one handy so just used my hands. It stained abit but nothing that a good washing in warm soapy water didn't take care of. 
  • Because of the mouse texture, it is easy to get a smooth streak free finish. If you do find that there is build up on colour in one area, apply some body lotion over the skin to thin it down and the colour should even out. If this trick doesn't fix it, wet you hands and then start smoothing the area down and the wash-off formula will sort itself out in a jiffy. 
  • Lasted until I was ready to take it off by going to the shower. For such a great looking finish, I wished I could keep if for a few days longer.
  • Obviously being non-waterproof, is not intended for use in the pool or when you hit the beach, but for a bit of bronze glamour on a day out, this is a great solution in a can. Just remember to apply sunscreen over it if using during the day as this doesn't have any sun protection and you want to fake the sun-kissed look, but not actually get the sun burnt skin. 

Rating: 9/10. Easy to use and loved the fragrance. Modelco's latest instant tan gave the most natural and even-looking glow to my medium coloured skin and is something I'm will use when I feel like glamming up my legs. I just wish it could last longer given how natural it looks on me. RRP A$12.95 for 65g at David Jones and selected salons.

This item was sent to me for review.


  1. Wow, looks so natural! =D Great for evening / day out I bet!

  2. I know, I can't believe how good it looked.. you should try it and let me know how you go with yours Celina :D


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