Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Wishlist

Lilpil's 2010 Xmas Wishlist
I've been browsing online and adding beautiful things to my Christmas wishlist this week, secretly hoping that Santa is taking note and will deliver some of these items to me this year :)

- Marc Jacobs Daisy solid perfume,
- Tiffany Open heart pearl bracelet
- Balenciaga Paris EDP
- Sony Vaio S Series laptop
- Longchamp chocolate tote
- Bobbi Brown 2010 holiday set
- Bamboo Justine flats
- Preen Line Jenny Stretch Cotton mini-dress

What's on your Christmas or holiday list?


  1. Beautiful wishlist. I've got that pretty BB Eye & lip set sitting on my dresser. LOVES it. The quality is totally worth the splurge.

  2. The Sony Vaio S is an excellent laptop! I love my Vaio S. I reckon it tops all the laptops in the market including Mac.

    Longchamp - ahh, every lady's essential tote!

    I've been lemming the Balenciaga Paris EDP myself. Still mulling over it.

  3. Nice list. Glad to see a gadget in there, being a geek chick myself ;)

  4. Thanks Ladies.

    Val - I don't know if my Xmas budget will permit an extra self indulgence this year.

    Nadia - Ohh I need to ask you more qs about the Vaio S then. I have been lemming Balenciaga Paris since March this year and that lemming just won't die :(

    Tine - I used to be super geeky gadget girl till recently. This will be my replacement laptop and if only I have more cash to splash, I would jump on the SLR bandwagon too.


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