Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marc Jacobs Bang

I was recently provided with Marc Jacobs' latest mens' fragrance Bang to review but wasn’t sure whether Mr. Yoyo would like it himself.
I mean I personally like the scent, but would he?

Truth be told, fragrance is worn to attract the opposite sex and the fact that many of today’s men’s fragrance are bought by women to gift to men, both parties must find it equally appealing or it won’t come out as a hit.  But at the end of the day, he has to like it more than you or he won’t voluntarily wear it (or he’ll only spray some on when you are around to please you).

As fragrance is a very personal thing, you may have to do some investigative digging-around work to help you suss out what his preferences are. The best place to start is to peek at his bathroom cupboard and check what he currently owns and wear.
Now Mr. Yoyo doesn’t wear much cologne and his bottle of YSL Homme from a while back was a gift so who knows if he would have picked that out himself; I really didn't have much of a lead to guide me to the right direction at all.

Anyway, I digress – we were talking about Mr. Jacobs and his latest release Bang. I already love the man for creating Daisy, which to date, is my all-time favourite scent epitomising a woman's femininity but I tell you what, the thing that immediately caught my attention with this new fragrance is the hot and provocative ad campaign featuring none other than the man himself in all his naked manly glory save for a strategically placed bottle of his fragrance to preserve his modesty. Any red-blooded women would have already swooned and be lured to the scent by this ad campaign alone (and it doesn’t matter that he isn’t interested in the fairer sex – one can always drool at good looking men, straight or otherwise).

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the ad below yourself:

Being the first campaign to feature himself, Mr. Jacobs is found lying on a bed of silver film looking hot and sultry.
I guess if I couldn't have a man looking like Marc, I could at least get my own one to smell like him.

When I first held the bottle in my hand, I was immediately impressed. The design is eye-catching, out there and unique; it encapsulates a sense of energy and altitude. If nothing else, I knew Mr. Yoyo would be impressed by the design (he’s in the design industry and loves these sleek futuristic styles).

So I passed it over to him and here is his verdict in his own words:

“The bottle design is funky and attractive. It reminds me of an explosion” 
 He's spot on with that, the metallic silver bottle design is impactful and full of alpha energy with hints of drama and energy. Surprising for its design, the bottle is well balanced and sits stably on any counter and is reminiscent of Melbourne's Federation Square.
Different angles of Marc Jacob's Bang bottle
Do you see a resemblance with Fed Square and Bang?
“Usually when you spray perfume, it's quite overwhelming on your senses but Bang isn't at all which is good and comes across as woody and slightly green”
Actually, Bang opens up with a warm trio of white pink and black peppercorns with light hints of smoke. The woody heart then peek through as a show of earthy masculine strength but is sophisticated and doesn’t  scream for power or attention. At the base of Bang are hints of calming fresh white moss and patchouli coloured by aromatic benzoin and exotic elemi resin.

“Emotionally, it made me feel confident and I quite like the subtle scent.”
I can't argue with that since scent evokes different things for each individual.

Despite Marc Jacob's Bang showing mass amounts of strength and power from its campaign and bottle design, it actually proved to be a well-balance blend of modern and subtle aromatic that evokes softness and embodies a man who isn't afraid to embrace the more gentle side of life.

Marc Jacob Bang EDT RRP A$95/A$130 for 50ml/100ml.
Bang is available at fragrance counters now in Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.

This product was sent to me for review. 
Federation Square Image source: Melbourne City Life


  1. A lot of men fragrance's smell better to me than they do to my mister !
    I have been known to 'borrow' a few of his on the odd occasion too. Lol

  2. Stella - my dad on the other hand loves and prefers female perfumes. He's into his florals and I think Cacharel Anais Anais is his favourite... totally weird.

    I think perfumes mix with your natural pheromones and give out a distinct scent that is uniquely you so fragrances smell slightly different on each individual :)

  3. Great Blog! I linked your Blog to my website, the review was so informative for my customers, and I like unique information, the good and the bad about a fragrance. I must say I was a bit surprised by his add when I first saw it.


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