Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review: Guinot Skincare

I always have a sweet spot for all things French - be it classic French cuisines or the sexy French language, those guys just know how to transform the simple into something chic and elegance. Therefore it really isn't a surprise that I would also adore French skincare.

My first foray with skincare from the Parisians were Lancome products. Then came ROC and Clarins and before I knew it, my addiction with French skincare was firmly entrenched. So when I was recently able to add another name to the list and sample some Guinot products, I could barely conceal my excitement.

I first came across the brand years ago in glossy magazine campaigns but as their products are only stocked at selected salons and I haven't visited enough over the years to have tried them out yet - that is, until now.

Founded in 1963, Guinot with its pharmaceutical background, follows a strong prescriptive approach to professional beauty and skincare to ensures that individual skin is first diagnosed before being prescribed the right product for use.

This is why you won't normally find Guinot products in retail stores as their philosophy is that the trained therapists will be able to tailor the right products to individual concerns to deliver you results, not just promises.

Today, Guinot's products are carried in over 60% of the French beauty salons and globally there are over 11,000 salons internationally in 70 countries.

Over the past month, I have sampled the following products:
Anti-wrinkle Radiant Mask - 50ml RRP A$69.83
  • Light pale coloured cream in texture with a light botanical frgarance. 
  • Soothing and cooling upon application. This stuff really calmed my red and sensitised skin quickly. 
  • Product absorbs very easily into skin and being a no rinse mask, any excess product can simply be wiped off after 15minutes. 
  • skin was firmer in appearance and touch immediately after use and this stayed the next day and beyond. There is also a noticeable clarity to skin tone and evenness in texture as well. My skin has a real glow I haven't seen in a very long time.
  • I'm becoming a convert for stay on masks and this one is my new found love. 

Age Logic Cellulaire: Intelligent Cell Renewal Cream - 50ml RRP A$223.86
  • light floral botanical scent (same scent but lighter than the mask) that is very quickly absorbed into skin without any greasy or sticky feeling. 
  • It boasts 56 cell active ingredients including the stellar ingredients Adenosin Triphosphate and Actinergie that stimulate cells by boosting their energy levels and re-activating and re-invigorate skin.
  • I use this as a serum and layer a richer products on top in my morning and night routines for the last 3 weeks. 
  • It renewed, revitalised my skin and gave me an overall brighter complexion. I also noticed improved firmness and elasticity in my skin but cannot be sure that is was the direct result of this product alone or the combination of the mask and my other skincare products I'm using with it (Prevage Serum, Vitacreme B12, rose hip oil) - my skin is clearer, less prone to breakouts and it amplifies the effects of the anti-wrinkle mask and my other moisturisers.

Longue Vie Levre Vital Lip Care - 15ml RRP A$55.65
pump-style lip care creme that immediately plumps up the lips by revitalising it and leaves it soft and silky with no trace of stickiness. I have chronic chapped lips that are akin to being windswept all day and am grateful for this purse size miracle for giving me smooth soft puckers, especially when I slick it on before apply my Natio lip treatment.

One Step Water - 200ml  RRP A$52.50
This handy 3-in-1 product is simply a pleasure to use. A makeup remover, cleanser and toner, the non-alcohol based liquid easily removes makeup (but was not strong enough for the stubborn waterproof eye makeup) and then leaves a lovely scented layer of moisture to hydrate the skin. I find using this to remove makeup too wasteful (a cheaper product will suffice for that), so I only use this as a final step cleanser and toner and apply it with a cotton pad after washing my face. It is by far my favourite product in the Guinot sample pack.

Vital Body Care - Luxurious Firming Cream - 200ml RRP A$119.18
  • Again a light and refreshing botanical scented cream at is almost gel-like in texture.
  • Fast absorbing into skin that left my perennially dry skin silky, hydrated and plumped up for the whole day, with a light sheen that had my skin full of glow and radiance.
  • As for firming effects, I haven't noticed any yet  but expect to see results over a longer period of time so will have to post updates another time.

Guinot has definitely delivered the promises in terms of quality and efficacy. Being a left-brained person (read: science minded), I'm partial to their pharmaceutical approach of using proven ingredient combinations to give star-quality products.

This experience with Guinot has piqued my interest for more of their products and I'm sure it wont' be long before I'm visiting my local salon to get some skincare advice and tailored Guinot products to take home. If you haven't tried Guinot, I highly recommend visiting a salon that carries their products next time and sampling their treatments and products.

Guinot products and treatments are available at Guinot salons nationwide or AdoreBeauty online.
These products were received from the MBBE event.

For ingredient listings of these products, click through the jump

Anti-Wrinkle Mask

Intelligent Cell Renewal Cream
Firming Body Cream
One Step Water

Vital Lip Care


  1. This is the first time I have ever heard about this product but sounds amazing though, would love to try it one day :) thanks for the review :)

  2. As I've always say, love French skincare brands, Guinot, Clarins and Ella Bache.

  3. Thanks Ena :) It is worth checking out for sure.

    Val - still haven't tried Ella Bache yet, will have to get to it eventually, any good ones to recommended?


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