Friday, November 19, 2010

Review: Kora Organic Rich Body Lotion

Most times, when I hear of celebrities launching a skincare or cosmetics line, I take a skeptical view of its launch and move on without giving it much thought. This is due to past experience of well marketed campaigns with sadly not so substantive products and the general impression that most celebrities only have a passing interest in their latest venture given it's not their normal area of expertise.

I'm sure I'm not the only cynic thinking that it's just another marketing avenue for them to flog their name given the number of celebrities clamouring to put out a product with their name on it. Whilst this experience have been fairly consistent, I think I have to re-assess my blanket view after trying the latest celebrity product from Victoria Secrets Angel, Miranda Kerr.

KORA Organics
  • Kora is an organic line recently released by Ms Kerr the expectant Mrs. Bloom that features only organic ingredients in its product lines.
  • The Kora line is a result of 3 years of product development and trails by Miranda and a team of formulation experts as well as a slew of product trialers over the years.
  • All Kora products feature star ingredients: antioxidant noni berry juice, vitamin C, E and roship oils, known for the healing, and regenerative properties.
KORA Organic Rich Body Lotion
  • Suitable for all skin types, this is a rich yet light cream that is pale lemon in colour; it's quickly absorbed into skin without feeling the slightest bit greasy afterwards. In fact I'm really impressed by the silky texture it leaves skin immediately after application which is something associated with silicone based products and there is certainly none of that here. 
  • Contains moisturising jojoba, cocoa butter and macademia oil to add essential fatty acids back into skin and helps to soften and protect and hyaluronic acid keeps skin hydrated. 
  • Citrusy tangerine and warm sandalwood scent that exemplifies its earthly and organic origins of its ingredients.
  • I love the fact that its hydrates and softens equally well on my dry legs or arms and hands and cuticles. 
  • The big 200ml tube packaging is easy to use and means it will last a long time, which is great since it isn't the cheapest body product out there so am glad that you get alot of the price you pay. 
Pale yellow, light in texture, non-greasy and not much sheen when rubbed in as seen on the right side of hand

This is my favourite body cream to date and is getting all my love this month. I'd be repurchasing another tube when this big baby runs out and am keen to try the other Kora products Miranda has put out to see if the entire line is as good as this. If it is, I may have to kill that default celebrity product skepticism for good. 

Rating: 10/10. RRP A$44.95 at David Jones stores or Kora Online.
This product was received at the MBBE event.
Click more for ingredients listings. 

Kora Rich Body Cream ingredients listing


  1. Agree on all points. This has become my favourite body lotion too, and will definitely repurchase. Which is a big thing for me, considering how much I dislike Mrs Bloom :P :P

  2. I remember her way back when I was on high school and she won the Dolly magazine competition.

    I didn't think she would launch a great skincare line but after reading and learning more about the Kora story, I'm inclined to say she has put in a lot of effort to make sure the products are as good as their words. I have new admiration for her now.

    As for her bagging Orlando, well I guess some one would have to be lucky one day wouldn't they?

  3. Totally agree with you.Kora skin care products are great! I love using the recovery eye gel treatment. Also lovin' the soothing day and night cream wich contains chamomile, evening primrose oil, and avocado.

    My skin always feel fresh and I dont have to worry about chemicals that will dry out my skin

  4. nice post; please check out my blog soon xX


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