Sunday, February 27, 2011

Going Blonde with Wella Professionals

I've always wanted to go for a change in hair colour just as I would for my makeup or lipstick when the seasons change but I was never quite sure what colour I wanted to change to and I was also afraid of the additional damage I'd be subjecting my hair to (I already get my hair straightened so it's more manageable in mornings)

When I recently had the opportunity to have leading Melbourne Wella Creative Director Marie Uva, 4 time finalist of the prestigious Hair Expo Awards and Creative Director at Rokk Ebony South Yarra transform my hair, I thought it was time to ditch that fear.
Rokk Ebony South Yarra
The stylists at work
Despite the resolve, I was still nervous on the day about my hair colour transformation as I still wasnt' sure what shade I want to end up being. 

Thankfully, the minute I walked into the swanky establishment that was Rokk Ebony on Toorak road, South Yarra. I was immediately put at ease with a cookie and a cup of tea (talk about service here), abundant magazine offerings and the ambient environment of the salon - the place is amazingly beautiful with its high ceilings and modern, streamline decor and importantly, well equipped styling areas. 
See how sleek and chic this place is?
I was even more comforted when I looked over at the window sills which were literally covered with a multitude of awards and trophies won by the talented creative stylists throughout the past few years.

After a few minutes wait, I met my amazing stylist, Marie who has styled many celebrity hairs and have had her creations featured in magazine spreads as well as making guest appearances on TV show The Circle, for styling tips and advice for the latest looks. 
One of Marie's creation for the 2010 Hair Expo competition
The photo above is one of her styling creation for last years Hair Expo Check out her work last year and you can see more here.

We went through what colour I wanted to achieve and what shades would complement my complexion best. She mentioned that for it is better to do 2 sessions of bleaching to lift the colour out for dark hair like mine than to try and bleach it to blond in a single go to mimimise damage done to hair (as well as achieve more accurate colours). In the end we settled on blond foils on top of my crowns with a warm chocolate base to soften the contrast.

With that decided, marie went on to work her magic. This took quite a bit of time as I have a lot of hair and the foiling technique that Marie did was time consuming to achieve the look of diffused highlights. All up my colouring session took just over 2 hours for application and colour development and another 30mins for rinsing and toner application to add depth and remove harsh brassy tones from the bleaching. 
Marie working on the foils - check the trophies in background by windows
My hair was then dried up, styled and given a trim. So what do you think of the results? 
Before Wella hair colouring/cut and after
With Marie after the colour
I'm loving the super subtle blond highlights is amazing diffused throughout my head.

Many thanks to Marie and Natalia, Marie's assistant that day for my amazing hair transformation and for the lovely Wella girls for organising this styling session for me. 

If you're thinking of transforming your hair colour or looking for a change in style, visit Marie at Rokk Ebony South Yarra and you will walk out with amazingly transformed hair.

Marie will once again be entering this year's hair expo competition. Good luck Marie - those style creations I had a sneak peek of are amazing!


  1. WOW! Amazing transformation! Your hair looks lovely!

  2. Can't wait to see you in person with your new blonde hair!!

  3. The hair is amazing, you look rather exotic for some reason ;) Can't wait to see this in person!

  4. You look great!

    The colour really suits you. I'm too chicken to dye my hair in case it goes orange :(

  5. Thanks Ling, Akisa and Celina. Can't wait to catch up with you all too :)

    Jen - I was too chicken too, that's why I haven't dyed my hair in 5 years. I think for the first time, you should go and get it done by the professionals and get them to use a toner - it definitely helps remove the brassy orange tones :)

  6. Girl you look hot! I love this shade on you! Thanks for sharing it with us. It looks amazing!


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