Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review - ASAP Daily Exfoliating Facial Scrub with AHA

It's not secret I love my glycolic based cleansers and I've previously reviewed the amazingly ASAP daily Facial Cleanser with AHA but if you are after something a bit more invigorating with more exfoliating power, then this one is for you.

ASAP Daily exfoliating facial scrub with AHA
  • Has the same milky fluid base and light refreshing scent (eucalyptus oil) as the gentle facial cleanser but also contains micro-fine silicon spheres to mechanically remove those hard-to-budge dry patches of dead skin we all get some times.
  • Non-irritating, fragrance-free and non-pore clogging, regular use will smooth skin imperfections and help promote skin's natural cell renewal process. 
  • The silicone spheres give a massaging effect during wash and is less likely to damage skin as they are very fine particles. The process of massaging the scrub into the face also helps to promote better blood circulation and flushes toxins out of the skin. 
  • Although marketed for daily use, I recommend using this every third day to avoid over exfoliating since the glycolic cleanser itself is a chemical exfoliator and if you are already using the daily glycolic facial cleanser, this facial scrub should be used as a treatment cleanser only. If you don't use any other glycolic cleanser you can probably try to use this on a daily basis if you don't have sensitive skin. 

Ingredients listing
This is another winner from ASAP and a great scrub cleanser that holds up well against many other scrubs in the market. In fact, I may just declare monogamy to it because it is that good.

RRP A$44 for 240ml bottle at ASAP stocklists in Australia and New Zealand. It is also available online from the Facial Company.

Do you use AHA (glycolic) based cleansers? Which are your favourites?
Do you prefer gel, cream, oil based cleansers or scrubs more?

A sample of this product was sent for review.

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