Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: ASAP Super C Serum

One of the most powerful anti-aging ingredient in skincare products is vitamin C.  So when a Super C serum was released in the market with 20% vitamin C and even more impressive anti-oxidant Idebenone from one of my favourite Aussie skincare brand ASAP, I immediately want to know all about it.

ASAP Super C Serum 
  • Trio star ingredients: 
    • 20% Vitamin C - aka l'ascorbic acid, a skin brightener and anti-oxidant, at 20% concentration is one of the highest out there in the market. 
    • 1% Idebenone – This is the star ingredients in Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage range and it is the most powerful anti-oxidant ever in the market. Corrects and repairs signs of aging whilst providing high level of protection from free radicals to prevent future damages. 
    • 1% Pycnogenol – reduces the effects of UV exposure on skin and assists with collagen rebuilding to improve skin elasticity. 
  • Slow release technology allows the ingredients to gradually diffuse into skin to continuously provide benefits over a long period of time. 
  • Comes in an airless pump to maintain stability of the active ingredients. 
  • Has a light citrusy scent which reminds me of vitamin C tablets from the health food stores. 
  • Pale beige yellow in colour, it is non-greasy and absorbs very easily into skin. It feels slightly gritty (there appears to be micro solid particles suspended in the serum) when rubbed into skin but there is never any residue so this must dissolve with friction and could be due to the ingredient formulations. 
Results after 6 weeks use used as a day serum. 
  • A healthier and clearer complexion – even my dermatologist commented on my improved skin clarity since my last visit late last year. 
  • Skin do appear to be brighter and more radiant after a week’s use and maintains its level of radiance thereafter.
  • Visible improvement in skin texture with smoother, refined skin that feels firmer to touch. 
  • Vitamin C is often associated with brightening/fading skin pigmentation but I saw minimal change in my pigmentation spots around the eye area – perhaps longer term use would give better results? Dark marks from pimples and blemishes seem to fade considerably well with this serum though. 
Aside from the slight gritty texture, I can’t fault this serum for the results it gives in terms of firmer revitalised skin and improved skin clarity. I just need to find something that will work on those stubborn pigmentation and I’m all set!

RRP A$79 for 30ml at ASAP stocklists across Australia and New Zealand. It is also available online at the Facial Company.

This product was provided for consideration.


  1. I recently just realised that a well known Aussie retailer stocks ASAP and I was shocked to see how reasonable there prices were. must investigate further!

  2. This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the review!


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