Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wella SP Hair Care: Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner & Hydrate Mask

You probably already know that coloured hair needs a lot more TLC than normal hair. And with my recent hair colouring as well as permanent straightening back in January, my hair is just crying out for lots of TLC.

To address this I've enlisted the help of some products from the Wella System Professional range to incorporate into my hair care regime.

Wella SP Color Save Shampoo - RRP A$32 
  • This stuff smells amazing! Honestly, one of the best fruity/floral fragranced hair products I’ve used lately. 
  • This is very gentle and gives a soft lather to ensure it isn't stripping too much colour from your hair. My colour is still looking fresh 4 weeks on. 
  • Has colour saving ingredients like polyquaternium, d-panthenol, beeswax, UV filters and olive leaf extract to protect and enhance shine. 
  • On its own, I felt it left my severely dehydrated thick hair under conditioned. My over processed hair was feeling very straw-like so this may not be suitable for those with very fine hair. An extra dose of the Color Save conditioner or better yet a hydrating masque massaged into hair left it feeling soft and silky again. 
Color Save Conditioner -RRP A$32 
  • What more can I say other than thank goodness this stuff turns my straw-like hair into lush silky manes. 
  • Has the same awesome scent as the shampoo and helps to maintain and protect hair colour with UV filters, olive extract and d-pantenol. 
  • Smoother hair is noticeable as a result of use of the conditioner. I use this after every wash and followed by a hair mask once a week. 
  • Hair feels light, clean and regains its volume after use of the shampoo and conditioner 

Hydrate Mask – RRP A$34 
  • A must have for anyone with dry, overstyled or colour processed hair. 
  • Hair masks are a dry hair’s best friend and this is no exception - it provides intense nourishment to parched hair like mine.
  • Contains glycerine, d-panthenol, glucose and fructose to lock in moisture and prevent further split ends and damages to hair. 
  • Pleasant smelling (like a fragranced soap), this thick cream doesn't add weight to hair so it won't kill off hair's natural volume (very important to me since my hair is now stick straight). 
  • I use this on top of the conditioner for added silkiness and moisture but if you are time poor, you can forgo the conditioner and leave this into hair for 5 minutes before rinsing. 
My only lament is that I can’t find an all-in-one colour saving and hydrating range shampoo and conditioner, so I have to alternate between washes of the color save range and a rich repair range (review to come later) to keep my hair in top condition.
Wella SP products are available at selected hair salons across the country. 

What is your favourite shampoo and conditioner to protect against colour fading?
The above products were sent for consideration.


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  2. Oh I am currently trialing this range from BH, don't have to submit reviews until next week, I am still sitting on the fence with it, so glad I have a bit more time before I have to decide for sure. I love how soft my hair feels though, that is a bonus. Looking forward to seeing what every one else thinks, I bet there will be mostly all positive feedback. Great blog darl, glad you are enjoying the range :)


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