Monday, March 21, 2011

Win: Natio's Pure Mineral Correctors Range

I was recently invited to Natio’s briefing for the launch of their Mineral Correctors range as well as some limited edition colour makeup for the current Autum/Winter season.

I've previously wrote how much I love the lip treatment but before I go further about their latest products, let me get you more acquainted with the brand.

About Natio
  • Founded by husband and wife Max and Vivienne Ross in 1993, Natio’s heritage stems from a long line that has been in the manufacture of skincare and cosmetics business over the past 75 years and actually have ties with another great Australian brand - Face of Australia. 
  • Is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in Australian pharmacies and department stores, Natio holds a strong belief of producing plant based, gentle and effective beauty products that are affordable and accessible to consumers.
  • Does not promise miracles, just realistic beauty solutions that work for everyday people.
  • Website contains full ingredients list of their products – something I love when brands are open and honest. 

Pure Mineral Correctors Range
The latest addition to the permanent range, I was given a low down of these new offerings by Natio product development manager Susheel Gandhi and MUA trainer Linda Ridell who showed how these product works to address the top beauty skin concerns today’s women have - namely dark circles, skintone, dullness and makeup slip. 

Star features of this range  
  • liquid products for silky blendability, ease of application and long lasting finish to help disguise blemishes, and brighten complexions
  • contains a blend of plant extracts like jojoba oil, vitamin C & E to hydrate skin and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. 
  • has a product to address each concern in the range but you don’t have to use them all together, you can just pick the product that suits your needs most and complement it with your existing makeup. 
Fight redness with Pure Mineral Redness Corrector RRP A$14.95 for 15g
Has micro green pigments suspended in liquid to neutralise redness whilst luminous minerals deflect light away and helps to reduce redness. Can be worn alone or under concealer for added hiding powers. 

Fight dark cirlces with Pure Mineral Dark Circle Corrector RRP A$14.95 for 15g
Yellow base liquid formula helps to hide the trouble spot for many of us. Also has light diffusing pigments to help brighten up the skin area.

Fight blemishes with Pure Mineral Concealer RRP A$14.95 for 2g
Housed in a twist pen brush applicator to dispense pigmented light reflecting mineral liquid to help hide and conceal spots and imperfections. Available in light or medium to match most skin tones 

Fight tired eyes with Eye Brightener RRP A$16.95 for 4ml
Can be used as a brow highlighter, a brightening all over eye shadow, dotted along the inner corner of eyes as a highlighter or above the cheekbones to illuminate and show off your bone structure.

Fight dullness with face illuminator RRP A$17.95 for 30g
Adds a fine shimmery gleam to skin for radiance and a glowing complexion with this easy to use liquid illuminator. Available in 2 shades, soft glow for a soft radiant everyday look or bronze glow for a summery golden sun kissed look. 

Get fresher makeup with Pure mineral Face Primer RRP A$14.95 for 30ml
Oil free matifying formula has a light lavender scent and gives a good base for coloured makeup to stick to and stay fresh longer throughout the day.

Get more intense eye colours with Pure Mineral Eye Primer RRP A$14.95 for 15g
Make your eye makeup more intense and less prone to creases. This is light and easily absorbed cream that   makes a good base to coloured eye makeups. 

What I’ve found with the Pure Mineral Correctors range 
  • Very pigmented products – a little goes a long way. 
  • Easy to blend due to liquid form of products, it did give very seamless applications. Products can be easily thinned out for natural coverage or layered for fuller coverage. 
  • My pick of the collection is the soft glow facial illuminator, dark circle corrector which has great pigmentation, eye brightener for natural looking eye enhancer and the eye and the redness corrector to combat minor redness I have around the nose area and around my cheeks. 
  • I found the twist pen concealer packaging akward at times. Sometime multiple clicks yield no concealer yet another twist and a big gush of concealer would flow out, making it hard to dispense the exact amount for use all the time. 
  • Although marketed to suit all skin types and tones, I found that it was slightly too light on my skintone when using all the products at once, and would need to warm it up with a bronzer to get colour back into my face. It would be more suited to anyone of fair to light medium skintone – eg. NC/NW 30 or below (I’m currently NC30-35) 
Natio's Pure Mineral Correctors range is out now at your nearest Myer, David Jones or selected pharmacy Natio counter. International readers, you can get their Natio skincare fix at 

And here's the great news. The lovely people at Natio has kindly agreed to sponsor a giveway with this post. One Lucky reader will win the entire range of the New Natio Pure Minerals Range - that's all 7 corrective products valued at A$112.65.

All you need to do is: 
1. Be a subscriber of this blog via Google Connect or email (either one will suffice).
2. Comment below and tell me which skin concerns you want to address with Natio’s Mineral Corrector products and how you are subscribed to the blog.
3. The winner will be able to choose the shade of their choice for the face illuminator and the pure mineral concealer. The prize will be sent by Natio to the winner's chosen address. 
4. This giveaway is open to residents with an Australian or New Zealand address. Only one entry per person. 
5. This giveaway closes at midnight AEST 31st March 2011. A winner will be chosen by and announced on this blog.

~~~~This Competition is now closed~~~~

For those who love colours, I have some limited edition Natio Berry Beautiful makeup prizes to be won, so be sure to check that out too!

These products were provided for consideration.


  1. I subscribe!! You pop up on my google reader and it makes me smile coz your blog posts makes my day better <3

    As for which skin concerns.. where do I start! Dullness, blemishes, tired eyes will have to be some of the major concerns. Hopefully Natio will be able to help that ;p

    Thanks and fingers crossed <3

  2. Awesome giveaway! I was looking at these products in Myer last week. I'd love to try the dark circle corrector, with a new baby I really need it at the moment.

  3. WOWEE!! Thanks for the giveaway. I am a GFC follower.
    My skin concerns are my poor complexion and skintone. I look ill without makeup!!!

  4. love your blog, subscribe through google, blogger

    my skin concerns, are that by 3pm my forehead breaksout oily, no matter what i do

  5. Hello, I am follow via GFC. My skin concerns are: pesky undereye circles, uneveness and dullness.

    Thank you for the great giveaway and blog!

  6. I follow on GFC=)
    My skin concerns are my acne-scarring which causes redness on my skin, and the usual tired eyes and dull skin.
    Great giveaway, and loved your FOA post, too=)

    Emma @ emmabovarybeauty

  7. Hi! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I follow you through email subscription.
    My skin concerns are usually dark circles and dullness of the skin.

  8. I would like to brighten up my dull, sensitive skin with the beautiful soft glow mineral illuminator.
    I'm also eager to try out the eye brigtener and the dark circle corrector on my tired, eczema-prone under-eye area.

    I follow via Google Connect

  9. I'm a GFC follower :)
    I feel like i have dull skin so the face illuminator appeals to me! I'm a long time fan of Natio, I can't believe I haven't spotted this at Myer yet!

  10. subscribed!
    i havnt tried Natio so would be great too, i have sensitive skin and normal to dry! i love mineral make uo

  11. I have subscribed :)
    I have sensitive skin and quite a bit of pigmentation which has gotten worse after having children.

  12. For those who are commenting anonymously, could you leave your name or email in the comments as I won't be able to tell which one of you it is if you are a winner. Thanks :)

  13. Hi, I have subscribed and I am from BH(Nidhi1). I want to hide my blemishes and uneven skin tone.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Sarsha.hull@gmail.comMarch 27, 2011 at 11:10 AM

    I also just subscribed :) I want to hide blemishes from time to time, uneven skin tone the most and also dark circles around my eyes.

  15. Im a subby now:)and thanks for the awesome giveaway

    My major skin concern is my eczema prone dry skin which ultimately means my skin is constantly dry ,my complexion is very dull and I suffer from hyper-pigmentation. I am 20 years of age but I feel like without proper care I could easily look 30. I believe that using products from this range such as the Fight dullness with face illuminator and the redness correcter will make me feel more radiant and my skin more smooth. I believe beauty comes naturally and it can be helped by using Natio natural special concern correctors!

  16. I'm subscribed via email- I love reading the new posts :)
    I would like to address pigmentation and signs of tiredness with the new illuminators and eye correctors and concealers.
    Having never used mineral makeup in the past, I truly would like to try this more natural approach to cosmetics and to see what an improvement it can make to my skin.

  17. Hi,
    I subscribe by email.

    Being a mum of a 14 month old who thinks its perfectly reasonable to start the day at 5.30am, tired eyes is what I want to address the most.

    Thanks for the comp!

  18. I'm a Google Reader Girl with dark circles and the occasional blemish, so I'm most interested in the Dark Circle Corrector and the Concealer. I'm also loving the face and eye primers and the Eye Brightener.

  19. Thanks for this giveaway! :) I'm subscribed by email. My skin concerns are dark circles and uneven skin tone >:

  20. Hello Lil, I subscribe via email . My skin needs are under eye circles, pigmentation and dull skin.

  21. Hello i am subscribed by email and just wrote a whole paragraph that suddenly disappeared! Well haha :) i said that foundation and concealer can really lift and brighten the complexion of anyones face. My skin concerns are dark circles and redness but with concealer it can make that slight difference that really is that big difference! And with this range it will allow me to experiment with different colours and formulas :)


  22. Hi hi,

    Subscribed by email.

    My biggest skin issues are that I have the nightmare of "combination skin" *sigh*.. I'm hoping the primer will help prevent my make up from sliding off those oily patches too soon and prevent that patchy look you can often get when you have combination skin. My other issues are dark circles around the eyes and redness around the nose and mouth. It looks like Natio is covering all the bases to help me improve the overall look of my skin and give me the confidence to get on with those important tasks in my day without worrying about all my skin issues distracting me and pulling me away to the bathroom t touch up! :)

  23. Hello :D Such a pretty blog! Reminds me of spring and nature and everything that makes me happy :)
    Hmmm lets see well i have horrible dark circles under my eyes (they don't make me happy) and my skin looks so tired and bleh no matter how much sleep I get. The illuminater, concealer, eye brightener, dark circles corrector and well.. all of it looks so good! I love how natural all these products are, I am so over heaps of nasty chemicals in products after a little benozyl peroxide burn on my chin... ouch silly me :(


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