Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Voluptuous new Fragrance

Like so many celebrities before her, Kim Kardashian has followed the celebrity fragrance bandwagon with the recent release of her namesake fragrance - the only surprising thing for me is that she took so long to get one out.

When I think of Kim, sexy, sultry and sensual femininity comes to mind. And that is exactly what Kim Kardashian signature scent is – a mixure of classic florals with modern style, blended to represent the influential socialite.

Created in consultation with Lighthouse Beauty and master perfumer Claude Dir , the first thing one will notice is its command for attention with this mighty voluptuous scent. Powerful top notes of Jasmine and gardenia jump out at you on first spritz and can come across as over bearing to those who are not accustomed to strong scents. It then slowly transforms to a mellow and lush bouquet of white flowers that harmonises with the sweet tonka beans with hints of tuberrorse before finally settling down with a sensuous base of warm sandal wood and earthy jacarnada wood.

Kim Kardashian has torn me up because Jasmine and Gardenias are amongst my most loved scents but both flowers are strong scents and here it seems to compete too much for attention in the opening which can be headache inducing. In fact, with fragrances like Kim Kardashian, I spray the tiniest amount into the air and walk into it to allow the scent to evenly disperse around me.

Don’t get me wrong, Kim Kardashian is a beautiful scent, especially in the very end – the tonka beans and sensual warm bases are the balancing features and ensures a lasting fragrance that lingers and have me wanting my next hit of it again soon. It interestingly reminds me of a amplified version of Bvlgari’s Mon Jasmin Noir which has similar notes and that gentler scent sits very well with my nose.

If you love power scents and love it combined with voluptuous florals, then this is my top recommendation for you. My sister has already laid claim to my bottle and she is already making plans to pick up another bottle to take back to the UK with her when she leaves next week.

Kim Kardashian EDP RRP A$49/$69/$89 for 30/50/100ml
EDP rollerball A$22.95 for 10ml.
(note different bottle designs for the 30ml and 100ml sizes, the smaller size is the more rectangular pink bottle).

Available now at the Perfume Connection, Myer, Priceline and leading pharmacies.
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