Friday, April 15, 2011

La Dolce Vita with MOR

Last year MOR released the MOR Essentials line that captivated me with its traditional apothecary inspirations and luxuriously perfumed body products and amazingly affordable price points.

This year, MOR has followed it up with a diffusion line, the Dolce range that will be a Target exclusive. This no doubt makes MOR's beautiful products even more accessible to buyers with prices starting from A$10.

Now if you didn't know, dolce is actually Italian for 'sweet' and I can see why it would be called that with the latest 3 delicious scent lines in the range that will sweeten your everyday pampering experience.

SORBET: a blend of lemon, lime and coconut scents infused in a fresh vanilla base, it is adorned in baby blue packaging
POMEGRANATE: notes of violet and jasmine with burst of pomegranate and raspberry and black currant over a sweet musk base and is wrapped in pink packaging.
HONEY: honey infused may bell with base notes of warm vanilla, amber and the sweetness of cotton candy it comes comes in chic creamy packaging.

The Dolce line comes in practical and streamlined packagings that doesn't lose its luxurious appeals with the emblematic art deco embossed imprints and pretty designs - I actually prefer this packaging to that of the Essentials range. Each line features 5 sweetened body care products
  • hand cream 80ml - RRP A$10
  • hand and body lotion 350ml - RRP A$15
  • soap cake 150g - RRP A$10
  • hand and body wash 350ml - RRP A$15
  • fragrant candle 170g - RRP A$15
I had the privilege of sampling the HONEY range and let me tell you, it was love at first scent.

I'm not a huge sweet scent person and when I read honey, I wasn't sure if I would find it too sticky sweet. Amazingly the warm amber notes diffuses the sweetness and the vanilla just added extra dimension to the light sweetness that comes through the products in this range.  My picks are from this range are the fragrant candle, body & hand wash and the hand cream.

Honey Hand & Body Wash
In a large pump bottle, it is warm and sweet and adds an extra level of pleasure by transporting the senses to beautiful place. It is soap free and is non-lathering but gives a skin a great wash and leaves is silky and soft with a lingering sweet scent.

Honey Hand Cream
This stuff smells so good I almost want to eat it. I keep a tube at my desk and apply some throughout the day to get lovely hydrated hands. Suited for normal to dry skin, it softens rough hands and helps give supple smooth skin that is fragrant for hours. If you have very dry skin, you will need some other heavy duty moisturisers which I'll review later next week.

Honey Soap Cake
Gives a smooth silky lather and envelops skin in a heady sweet fragrance  that makes showers a pleasurable and enjoyable experience. This leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and silky without causing skin irritations. 

Honey Hand & Body Lotion
This is a light textured and beautifully sweet scented lotion that absorbs into skin easily. It gives average hydration but with my scaly dry legs, I need a more richer body cream on that area and only use this on my hands, arms and rest of the body.

Honey Fragrant Candle
I don't even need to burn this and can already smell the sweet warm amber scent. when lit, it scents the room up with a sweet cotton candy and vanilla the wafts gently and warms up any room's environment. I like to burn this in evenings when I'm going through my readings on the laptop. Packaged in a clever tin with lid, it burns safely and when you are ready to snuff it out, just close the lid and you're done. This boast burn times of up to 35 hours and is made from natural soy and has a cotton wick.

Tip: I learnt this tip from an Asian magazine the other day - sprinkle some salt around the wick before lighting up to pro-long the burn time and give a brighter candle flame. I tried it and really think it works!

At such a magical price, everyone can now have a pampering experience everyday with MOR and not break their budget. Get your little dolce sweetness at your nearest Target store next week and live the sweet life!

How else do you add some sweetness in your everyday life - I do mine via fun size chocolates :)

Officially  launched on Monday 18th April 2011 at Target stores.
Update: I did manage to popped by Target this weekend and picked up the Pomergranate scented candle. Had a whiff of the Sorbet range and can't say I'm in love with the lemon and coconut scent combination. Honey is still my fave and Pomergranate is full of beautiful sweet tangy goodness :)

This products was provided for consideration.


  1. These look adorable, I want them all!!!

  2. I think I will be going for the candles...specially with onset of cold winters

  3. Pretty positive I just saw these in my local Target- def Dolce by MOR, and 25% off sale on top of, which is even better ;)

  4. Oh really? They've released it early and its on special - double yay!

    I think I need to pick up candles from the other ranges quick stat.


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