Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Review: Lancôme Hynose Drama Mascara

As the seasons change, I tend to also change mascaras. Not for anything else other than the fact that you are meant to change mascara every 3 months to prevent bacteria growth (leading to eye infections) and the product usually dries out and give clumpy lashes in that time frame.

Recently I've been using a new Lancôme mascara and I am very happy with its results compared to the last Lancôme one I've tried.

Lancôme Hypnose Drama in Expressive black
  • Has a slight S shaped curved thick bristled brush to provide extra lifting power to lashes. Usually I think it's gimmicky but the shape of this brush really agrees with my lashes and gives great lift.
  • The bristles grab lashes well and gives a even coating of the formula for excellent volumising and defining results -ravishingly thick and lengthened lashes.
  • Non-clumpy, flaking or smudging, these are probably the next things I look for in mascara to avoid the 'racoon eye' look. This mascara didn't give me any problems during the entire day. 
  • Love the signature rose scented formula - although my lashes don't appreciate it, my nostrils do and it adds to the pleasant experience of the mascara application. 
bare lashes

Lancôme Hypnose Drama - 2 coats, no eyelash curler used
This is a beautiful mascara that delivers what I need most - volume and length and best of all it doesn't give me panda eyes. If the budget permits, I'd be using this every day for the rest of my life

RRP A$52/US$25 at Lancôme counters and selected pharmacies.


  1. Wow, look at that price difference! I really wish we lived in the states sometimes -_-

  2. I know - especially when we are above parity too.

    Hopefully we see more price adjustments from the brands soon as they did back in Feb.


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