Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Shu Uemura Fresh Cleansing Oil

There are facial cleansers and there facial cleansers. Some work better for different skin types but basic skincare starts with cleansing. We've all tried the foaming ones, the gel and the cream ones ones but most of us would rarely think of using oil to clean our skin would we?

It seems bizarre to use oil based products to cleanse your skin but in chemistry, oil dissolves oil so makeup, sebum on our skin litterally will slides off with the use of oil cleansers.
Not only does it give the most thorough cleanse but oil cleansers is it doesn't strip your skin of its natural lipids so doesn't give you that tight and squeaky clean feel after washing.

The most famous oil cleansers are from Shu Uemura as they are the pioneers of bringing this formulation to the market in 1967 and is so popular, a bottle is sold every 20 seconds around the globe.

Most recently Shu Uemura has released another cleansing oil to the range to give you the pore less look.

Shu Uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil

  • Infused with sakura leaf extract -sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom which soothes with its anti-inflammatory properties to reduce irritations and skin redness.
  • Other worthy-mention ingredients include LHA (a salicylic acid derivative) and cherry extract (a natural AHA) to remove dead skin cells and help gently refine and improve skin texture.
  • suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and has a fresh fruit scent. 

Directions for oil cleanser use:
Start with dry hands and face, and pump 3-4 pump of product onto hand
spread product all over face, gently massaging it into skin
Add a few drops of water to face to emulisfy the oil (watch it turn a milky white colour)
Rinse off completely with luke warm water.

  • No makeup is match for this, not even waterproof mascara disappears after one wash with this so you can actually skip the makeup removal step (although you will have to use more oil cleanser to get a proper clean)
  • leaves skin feeling balanced, and purified - none of that tight dry feeling at all. 
  • Over a few weeks use, pores do appear to look less visible after daily washing. 
  • Also perfect for cleansing those stubborn foundation/concealer stains from makeup brushes - the bristles come up white and clean after 1 wash 90% of the time - it's my new HG makeup brush cleanser. 

Have you tried oil cleansing before? If not Shu Uemura is currently giving samples of this product out in David Jones city stores. Print out this voucher and redeem away and try this out for yourself. Warning - you will be hooked.
sample offer valid till 31st May whilst stocks last.  

150ml/450ml RRP A$55/A$110 in Shu Uemura counters at city David Jones stores.
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  1. I printed the voucher yesterday, can't wait to try it! Will be my first Shu item, and first cleansing oil!
    Great review xx

  2. Gotta love the Shu cleansing oils!! Mascara removing is no longer a nightmare! x

  3. I used the SKII cleansing oil a few years back and loved that but never replaced it when it ran out. This one sounds amazing...I am now off for a bit of a google on it!!

  4. I really want to try this! Thanks for this review, I'll have to remember to print out the voucher.

  5. Ladies you will love this as it only takes 1 swipe of a rub, and all the makeup pretty much comes off. Nothing could be easier to use.


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