Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review: Listerine Zero Mouth Wash

An apple an day may keep the doctors away, but it probably won't decrease the frequency of visits to your dentist unless you regularly floss and use mouth wash in between visits.

Now if you're like me and dislike that burning sensation from conventional mouth washes, there is good news. Listerine has come up with the latest version that guarantees to be as effective as without the stinging burning feel.

Listerine Zero

  • This is a non alcoholic version of its brothers and cousins out in the market, and is a less intense version of the original mouth wash. 
  • Comes in slender bottle with a screw-down twist cap so it's easily to find room in the bathroom cabinet to store and is child-proof so little kiddies don't drink this up like they would cordial syrup. 
  • Despite containing zero alcohol and being milder, it was still quite strong in intensity with a very refreshing minty taste. I find it easier to gargle for the whole 30 seconds with this mouth wash. 
  • Provides the same protection as the full strength mouth washes with fluoride to help strengthen teeth enamel and freshen breath. 
  • I find that using mouth wash also helps my mouth ulcers when I get them heal much faster and sting less than normal. 
A healthy inclusion for anyone who wants to have clean & healthy teeth and gums but cannot stand the sting and intensity of the full strength mouth wash. This would be also great for training school children to use mouth wash as part of a healthy at-home oral hygiene regime.

RRP 250ml A$5.49 | 500ml A$8.39 at supermarkets and  most pharmacies now.
This product was received as part of BeautyHeaven's trial team.


  1. This sounds great! It has been so long since I used mouthwash (bad, I know) I better look into it! x

  2. I have so much trouble with full on minty mouthwashes, I am getting this for sure! My teeth say thank you!

  3. The alcohol-free Listerine Zero was created because of the fears of oral cancer from regular Listerine after an Australian study linked the alcohol in mouthwash with the disease.

  4. That's really interesting to hear about the link to oral cancer. Do you have links to the studies?

    I guess regardless, it's all the more reason to to take up this non-alcoholic mouth wash then.

  5. Regarding the study linking alcohol in mouthwash to oral cancer, here's the link to a July 21, 2011 ABC News report on Good Morning America:

  6. Thanks for sharing the link, Google search does suggest there is a possible link but I still think the benefits of a mouth wash in terms of keeping mouth healthy outweighs the small danger.

    One of the things to remember is if it is too intense for you, reduce the duration of use in the mouth/use less of the product and substitute it with a non-alcohol version like this one.

    I don't use mouthwash everyday, but I do use it a few times a week to maintain my oral hygiene.

  7. i love your review i have done one myself. I agree with the need to remove alcohol but this is not even considered to help kill gingivitis anymore !!


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