Thursday, July 28, 2011

B Collection by Bloom Magic Wand Makeup Remover

I love product innovations that gives us clever and nifty gadgets to make life easier, more efficient and enjoyable.

As this sort of innovation usually occurs in the fast moving computing and electronics field, you can imagine my excitement when it also creeps into the beauty industry as is the case with this genius product below.

B Collection by Bloom Magic Makeup Remover Wand 3g (0.1 oz)
Now who goes around carrying with them in their makeup bag a makeup remover to fix their makeup smears and smudges? Seriously, who does? It would be too messy to use traditional bottled makeup removers that requires cotton buds or tips to make it all work.

Enter this clever little pen which recently won the inaugural Shop Til You Drop Genius Awards.
  • Filled with makeup remover liquid with a felt tip, it is easy to carry around to quickly and precisely removes makeup faux pases, or smudges that appear anytime of the day. 
  • Great to use all over, it's amazingly handy for the eye area where liquid eye liners, and mascara mishaps are plentiful for me. I always have this on hand when lining my eyes for just in case. 
  • Takes off any stubborn makeup without disturbing your carefully crafted surrounding look
  • When I'm home I would just use a cotton bud dipped in concealer to remove the offending marks but away from my vanity table where my arsenal of beauty products reside, this become my powerful weapon for on-the-go. 

In a nutshell: If you are clumsy like me or want to make sure you never have any panda eyes, this genius makeup remover pen is perfect solution for on-the-go precision fixes.

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RRP A$14.95. B Collection is a diffusion brand of Bloom and is available at Target Stores nationally.
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  1. This sounds awesome. I would love to carry one in my bag just in case. I wonder if they have these at Target in the US.

  2. Hi Katherine,
    I believe they are an Australian Target Exclusive. Maybe I will be able to sort something out for you for it :)


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