Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sally Hansen Beauty Tools

Sally Hansen has this week released a new range of high performance beauty tools to help you primp and groom with ease and precision at home.

Being the nail expert, they’ve created large range of manicure products to help you skip the nail bar and nip, clip and file all in the comfort of your own home with professional results. The tootsies didn't get neglected either and there are products to help give you the perfect pedicure as well. 

Complementing the range, they also included grooming products for your brows with tweezers and brow kits and an sexy curls eye lash curler to complete the 30 strong item range. 
My pick from the bunch:

See the light tweezer – RRP A$29.95 
How innovative to have a built in light in between the tweezer so you can clearly see every hair you are need to remove. No more waiting for sunny days in that dark bathroom to shape your brows. 

Everyday Strength – RRP A$9.95 
These nail files are great in the handbag for on the go shaping and filing work and helps save those snagged nails from breaking/splitting further.

Cuticle Tamer – RRP A$16.95 
With curved precision blade, you’ll be sure to cleanly cut away over grown cuticles and those pesky ragged skin around the nail. 

Priced from A$4.95 for a nail shaper & buffer to A$29.95 for precision tools, get them now at Priceline, David Jones and selected pharmacies.


  1. The built in light seems an awesome function in tweezers, but is it heavier? Great post ^^

  2. I wonder what the eyelash curler is like, they all look good :) I have a couple of pairs of tweezers with the light on board, it must be the 'in' thing these days, must say I rarely use the light though, lol.

  3. I don't own the tweezer with the light but I love the idea of it. I expect to be slightly heavier than the standard tweezer but think the weight should still be comfortable enough to hold.

    I own the Bruan epilator with a built in light and love that so would only think it would highlight the hairs you want removed better .

    Melmeko - I love it when they combine technology with standard products to come up with innovative new items :)


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