Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday & Win Illamasqua Makeup

Would you believe, Things I Love quietly celebrated its first birthday 2 weeks ago?

What - I hear you say? how come I only mention it now? I have many excuses but really can only put it down to work load and lack of time for the delay in writing this post.

When I first started writing this blog, it was out of frustration on the limited reviews on Australian brands and swatches of products on people with similar skintone and skin conditions to myself. Back then I only had one aim - to share with readers my thoughts on products I've used and tried in the hope that it helps others decide whether these products would be suitable for them too.

Today, this blog has met that goal and nailed a couple more other dreams as well. It has been an unbelievable journey for the me in the last 12 months, gaining an authoritative voice online to share my love for beauty products, to the fun opportunities to test many of the latest products, attending events where I learn more about the brands and its products to meeting their creators and sometimes even able to provide input into the upcoming releases (look out next year for amazing FOA products). But the most amazing thing that I will treasure always have been the meeting of amazing people and the friendships forged with like-minded beauties.

And all this couldn't have been achieved without the wonderful support of you readers over the past year. You are my constant inspiration and motivation throughout this journey and I want to give you something back for all the love and support you have given me. To that end, I will be running a series of giveaway to celebrate the achievements of Things I Love. To kick it off I have a fabulous set of goodies from Illamasqua. 

This week, I have 2 prize packs kindly sponsored by Illamasqua. Now you guys know how much I love Illamasqua's products - their pigmentation and formulas are amazing and the colour ranges from daring to muted so you can't create the ultimate alter ego look. 

Below is the fabulous prize pack you could win.
  • Preen Powder Eyeshadow (deep purple/blue)
  • Powder Blusher in Tremble (light rose pink)
  • Dab Cream Pigment (lavender)
  • Welt Lipstick (mid fushia pink with fine shimmer finish)
Like what you're seeing? You're already half-way there if you are a subscriber but you can increase your chances of winning below. Here are the deets:  

1. One entry for being either a follower of this blog via Google Friend Connect or a confirmed email subscribers. This means all you existing members already qualify - yay!

2. Comment on this post to tell me what look you would create for your alter ego look for an additional entry. Also, please let me know how you are subscribed to this blog.

The boring details.
  • Giveaway will run from 08 August 2011 to 6pm AEST 14 August 2011. 
  • 2 Winners will be drawn via 14 August 2011 and announced no later than 15 August 2011. 
  • A maximum of 2 entries will be awarded to each reader of Things I Love. 
  • Tweets and any other online links to spread the news of this giveway is not required but will be greatly appreciated.
  • This giveaway is open to all readers including international readers. 


  1. Happy birthday! If I was lucky enough to win I'd certainly try and recreate this Sophie Ellis-Bextor look for my alter ego!

    I am subscribed via Google Friend Connect

  2. Happy Blogoversary! What a lovely prize! If I won, I think I would have to create an aquatic/mermaid inspired look.

  3. Happy happy happy birthday! I follow via GFC, and think you're awesome=) (Excited for the FOA releases, ooh ee!) For my alter ego, I would do a super dark eye and deep red lips- I do brights more often, and need to push myself and my makeup boundaries a little more!

    Great giveaway =)


  4. happy birthday!!! i'm a follower via google :)

    i would do the smokey purple-blue with bold red lips !

  5. Happy Blog Birthday Lilpil xx Great achievement and great giveaway! I follow via Google. Thanks Leah :)

  6. Congratulations on your milestone :) I have enjoyed receiving my regular email updates of what's doing in the life of Things I Love. Your blog also inspired me to start my own blog recently, so consider being inspirational as another achievement you have successfully accomplished this year :)
    I would create a eighties classic for my alter ego look, coz lets face it, that is one bold, vibrant decade that I will never forget :)

  7. Happy Birthday !!

    I am a follower via GFC

    Name : Saumya
    Email Id :
    Blog :

  8. Happy Birthday! Congrats on reaching one year of fabulous blogging :)

    What I do in real life is far from beauty. So as my alter ego as a beauty lover, I'd go all out and create a purple eyes and fuchsia lips, coz I CAN! :)

  9. Happy blog birthday :D
    OMG, can you believe I have never used an Illamasqua product before?!!

    Anyway, I'd have fun colour blocking :P


  10. Happy blogaversary!

    I follow through GFC :)

    If I won, I would try and recreate an Audrey Hepburn look. Thick eyebrows, super smoky eyes. She's so amazing :)

  11. I follow through gfc, and happy belated birthday! My alter ego would do something like voluminous lashes, peach blush, and red lips :D

  12. Oooh, my alter ego would rock mega smoky eyes and red red lips and be sassy as can be.

    In reality, i wear mascara and lipgloss and try my best to use other products.

    I subscribe via email so your posts come straight to me.

  13. Not entering the giveaway but just wanted to say congratulations on your first blogaversary! It's a pleasure knowing you, oh MBBE sister. Here's to the next blog birthday and to many more! xx

  14. Love reading all those alter ego looks ladies - they sound fantastic.

    @Tine - aww you don't want to play with more colours there? You're a follower and already qualify hun :)

  15. Wow happy birthday... :)
    I would do sexy green smokey eye look with Judy pink lips.... :)

  16. Hey I couldn't post a comment using my email but I a, already a email address is
    And my answer should say nudy pink lips not Judy......lols

  17. Happy blog birthday! What a great giveaway!

    Just followed your blog via GFC.
    Name: Alicee

    I'd like to create a smokey eye look being a newbie to this look and Illasmasqua :)

  18. Well Happy Blog Birthday!

    I never ever wear colour so I guess I'd rock a rainbow look? lol

    Following on GFC

    Great giveaway!

  19. Happy blog birthday!!! :D

    Mm my alter ego would be a fluro punk look kind of like the runway makeup from the Jeremy Scott show :D

  20. Happy Birthday!

    I would want to try an rock chick alter ego like Nana.

    I follow through GFC.

  21. Happy blog birthday!!

    Great prizes, I love Illamasqua. I think for my alter ego I would like to be made up like a crazy Asylum escapee haha.

    Following as Jenny W I think... or maybe it's Jen W. argh either way, you know where to find me!

  22. For my alter-ego I'd create a look across between a 1940's pinup and Stepford wife!

    I follow you through Google Connect ;)

  23. Happy birthday!

    I don't really have an alter ego: preppy librarian with attitude is pretty much all I do ;)

    Following via GFC as Dempeaux :)

  24. Happy birthday! Enter me, please! Thank you! :)
    I'd love to have the drag queen look for a day! It would be fun to be so carefree! :)

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    Email: racheltvillanueva at yahoo dot com

  25. Happy birthday!

    I follow through GFC :)

    I'd try for a smokey eye with the black liner and the eyeshadow and dab on a little bit of the lipstick to keep the rest of my face muted. I think my alter ego would definitely focus on my eyes the most since I'm a bit self conscious of my eyes.. :)

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  26. Congrats on reaching the 1 year milestone!! :)

    I'm a follower via GFC under BeautySnippets.

    If I had the creativeness, I'd do something like this

    as an alter ego look! I think it looks fantastic :)

  27. I've subscribed under GFC

    I'd try an oriental or Cleopatra look for my alter ego! <3

    And a huge Happy Birthday!

  28. I'd create a rock girl look! I'm a new follower via gfc. My nick is fisiwoman.

    Ana Belén R.M
    fisiwoman at hotmail dot com


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