Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Becca Brazillian Bronzing Sheen - Samba

I'm not a fan of powder bronzers as many products are muddy, orangey or streaky on me. Even the Great NARS Laguna hasn't quite really won me over yet.

So when a friend raved on about how amazing a cream product from Becca was, I knew it was only a matter of time before I decided to join her and find out what the fuss was about.

Becca Brazillian Bronzing Sheen - Samba 3g
  • Becca's packaging is beautiful and like the lip and cheek cremes, good things come in small packages. 
  • The shade in the compact is actually quite daunting - it is a deep caramel brown with hints of golden spun shimmer. There was no way I thought I could pull of the colour if it was true to pan. Thankfully this is a very sheer product that does work. 
  • Before you start thinking is is like a cream pigment, it isn't as it's not as rich or pigmented. It has a light balm or gel-like consistency that reminds me of Illamasqua's creme blushers and is scentless. Swiped on fingers it looks coppery bronze with no hints of orange or brown. When blended out, it just leaves a faint bronze sheen on my skin that looks alike a sexy and healthy sun-kissed glow. It blends easily and doesn't smear or look streaky.
  • You can use this product on its own, just layer to get more coverage and colour or over blushes give it the dewy sun-kissed look - either way the result is subtle and beautiful.
  • Samba in natural light (heavy and blended swatch)
  • I pop this on under the cheekbones to give my cheeks some bone structure - yes I use this for contouring and it works better than any other powder products I've tried to date (including MAC, Benefit, Smashbox). <3 <3 
  • I also swipe this on accent areas where sun would normally hit the skin - above the brown bones, on the sides of foreheads, and sides of nose to create shadow and give sheen to skin; the fine golden particles are very subtle and adds to the effect like I've been subtly kissed with fairy dust.
  • Lasting power wise, it stays on my skin for a good 4-5 hours. After that, the bronze does fade off and you will need to reapply if you want to keep the bronze look. The shimmer stick around all day long. 

Samba is not your typical bronzer. If you are after a sexy nude glow that is not over the top, you must look past the deep colour in the pan and try it out because it can definitely transform you into a Brazilian goddess.

Do you like using bronzers? which products do you like?

RRP A$46 at selected Myer and David Jones stores.


  1. I quite like the NARS Laguna bronzer! Although, I think i might need to go darker for summer... Never tried casino before!

    I agree, the colour of that bronzer is quite scary, lol. And tbh, I've never even heard of that brand 0_0

  2. Rin, you must head into Myer, DJs (city stores) to try out Becca if you haven't come across them before - they ahve amazing colour selection and their products are just so good.

    I find Laguna too shimmery after blending out and I have to work very hard to make the colour show up properly on me.

    I'm also a bit biased as I normally don't prefer bronzers. I'm more of a highlighter person :)


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