Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Botanics of Australia: Ingvigorating Body wash with Desert Lime

Whether they be soap bars or body washes, I love my scents and my rich lathers. My latest bath buddy is exactly that and really enlivens and gives me the squeakiest clean feel.

Botanics of Australia Invigorating Body wash with Desert Lime 200ml
With wild lime fruit juice, the citrusy smell is so divine it instantly awakens my senses very time I step into the shower. The lime juice contains vitamin c that is supposed to give anti-oxidising properties but in honesty, given it’s used under running water, it would barely have any time to penetrate skin and have any anti-oxidising effects before it’s all washed off. 

That aside, it always manages to soothe my tired aching muscles after a long hard day, especially after a jog or sports. The soft foaming action washes away the day’s oils, dirt and grime and leaves my skin so soft and clean afterwards without being too dry or stripped of skin’s natural moisture and make me look forward to the next shower time. 

I love this so much I’ve completely used up my tube last month and need to re-stock. Yup, it’s that good, it's made it to my staples list. 

Do you have a favourite shower time buddy? What are they?
RRP A$12.95 but get it for A$7.95 online at Fashion Addict.
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