Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mor Belladonna Winners!

Today I had a tough one - I had to get cut out of a dress. Yes, quite literally a beautiful silk dress was cut off my body with a pair of scissors. No, I wasn’t expanding in the space of the 5 minutes I’ve had it on for – I put it down to the defective zipper that just wouldn’t pull down but I was devastated that that an exquisite dress had to be ruined to get me out nonetheless. Talk about embarrassment much?

Then I broke a nail in this evening's netball match – now, I’m no cry baby with nail breakages, but when it breaks below the nail line, down the nail bed and drew blood, I think I’m entitled for a little “poor me” moment. Thank goodness I have a reprieve from netball next week. I’ve been injury prone ever since I started this season.

All tired and exasperated and ready for a quiet night with a cuppa to nurse my sore thumb and bruised ego, I sat down to read through all the entries for the MOR Belladonna competition and draw the winners. 

Boy you guys sure made it tough for me. The entries were all so clever and amazing! It was no easy task to narrow it down to just 2 winners. 

After much re-reading and deliberation I finally came up with my top 2 luxurious experiences that transported me to a land of ultra indulgence and pampering. 

The winners

Michelle Vamvas who’s would “wake naturally (no alarm!!!) to sunshine, eat a gourmet breakfast, have an indulgent massage and facial; horseback ride to a rainforest, have a waterfall shower!

Michelle you had me with the waterfall shower – I so would be there with you!

Then Natasha Andrews had me all wistful with her entry to be on a “Luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, complete with personal chef, beautician, masseuse, yoga instructor…the whole kit and caboodle. And hubby too, so we can canoodle.”

Yes, I think I could get use to the idea of that on a daily basis Tash  :)

Congratulations Michelle and Natasha. I hope you enjoy a little piece of luxury everyday with your MOR Belladonna little luxuries prize.

Please get in touch with me ( by the 18th September with your postal details so I can send these prizes off to you straight away. If I don’t hear from you by then, I’ll be redrawing a new winner.

To everyone else, I’ll have more giveaways and competitions lined up again soon so keep an eye out!

With the winners now announced, I’m off to finish off that cuppa and nurse the sore thumb.


  1. Oh no! What a day you've had! I really hope your nail gets better soon. A good night's sleep will work its magic. Sleep tight and feel brand new tomorrow! x

    Congrats to the winners! I am such a dumbo, I forgot to enter. Next time :)

  2. Ah Su, welcome back home from you break :) Would have loved to read your answers. Next time.

    Yes, I'm sore I'll feel less sore tomorrow too.

  3. Thank you so much for choosing my answer! You have made my week....I really hope yours gets better! Sending you an email now :)

    Cheers Natasha


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