Saturday, September 17, 2011

NOTD: Australis Nail Colour in Bombshell

Yay it's the weekends! I hope everyone has time to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather this weekend!

Given weekends should to be a relaxing, I thought I'd share with you a bright and cheering nail post today.

Australis Nail Colour in Bombshell -10ml

I won this limited edition nail polish in a twitter competition a while back and haven't tried it till recently. And now that I have, I wonder why I haven't any sooner as it's a beautiful shade

Bombshell is the mother of all barbie hot pinks. It's neon, bright and loudly proclaims 'look at me'.

When I put this on, Elle Woods from Legally blond instantly came to mind. Yes - she would definitely approve of this shade. Paired with white clothes and this cool bright pink will guarantee that your digits stand out a mile away.
L: in natural light; top R: with flash
Bombshell is very easy to apply, non-streaking and becomes opaque in two coats. It did take a bit of time to dry completely as I applied thicker coats than usual and when they did eventually dry, you get a beautiful even high shine creme finish that glistens in the sun.

Overall, Australis's formula appears to be pretty good. On me (I'm very rough with my hands and don't wear gloves for any chores), the colour provided average wear and lasted 2 days before starting to chip on the nail edge but I didn't experience any peeling with this lacquer.

Given this is limited edition and if you want some Elle Woods in your life, I'd be dashing to the stores to pick this right up to add to your collection.

RRP A$7.95 at Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Kmart and selected pharmacies.

what's on for your weekend this week? Do share as I'd love to know. 


  1. Ok truth time... I am not a super fan of pink nails (I think I'm ruined from growing up in the 80s) but I love that colour! Looks great against your skin too.

  2. I love the way it's peeeeeenkkk!

  3. Chloeblue - oh I've have to convert you. I'll let you in on a secret -I used to love blue and that's my favourite colour but have decided in the last 2 years that pink suits me more if I choose the right shade of the colour :) You just have to find your pink.

  4. Phey - I'm with you... I'm loving all shades of pink from pale to rich. There's one for every occassion hehe.


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