Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Illamasqua Freak: An Unrequited Love

Dear Freak,

When Monsieur Kynaston from Illamasqua announced that you would be making a debut appearance on our counters this month, I was utterly excited. 

He has never failed to deliver for me exquisite colours and beautiful textures but he has never indulged my senses before. So I waited with breathless anticipation for your arrival while I sneaked around looking to find out more about you. 

I saw your profile online recently and found out that you’re the creation of Azzi Glasser and already thought you were pretty special when I saw you had little cute silver snail trailing up the tilted side of that broody and smokey looking glass of yours. With your name, I imagined you to have quite a radical personality – one that would either assault me with your heady beauty or shock me with your intense display of your alter ego. 

But you did neither. Instead you just bewitched me. At first I couldn't understand what is it about you that had such an effect on me because you are such a rare and complex beauty. It was only afterwards that I realise it was your warmth and tenderness that had me intoxicated in your headiness. 

During our first encounter, you displayed your seductive powers through a sweet heady blend of dark davana but hinted of your darker side with and deadly nightshade (belladonna) and opium flowers and exotic frankincense. 

After that, your complex side with the datura flower and mysterious Queen of the Night Blossom surfaces. You then cast this aside after half an hour in exchange for a softer and slower tempo by showing your true floral heart interwined with woody oud and light powdery myrrh. 

I am now addicted to you, but your visits are always fleeting. You give me great pleasure for 2 hours and leave me with a faint memory of lingering powdery sweetness and have me hungering for more. 

Please visit me often any time you want for you are delectable day or night. I am truly suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms whenever you're not around.

Your unrequited love,

75ml RRP A$149. Get your own intoxicating fix of Freak now at Illamasqua counters in selected Myer stores in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney.

A sampler of this featured product was provided for consideration.


  1. This is going in my Christmas wish list. Keep hearing such amazing things about it! (Yet to smell it myself though)

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. @Mumma - you will love it.

    It didn't take me initially. I thought it was a bit too synthetic on my skin (must have been an off day for my nose). But I used it again a few weeks later and this time, I really got all the scent and really love the base notes.

    Can't wait for the weekends :)

  3. This has just launched in Selfridges in London and I tried it a couple of days ago and loved it! I am going to purchase tomorrow - its an amazing scent, at first I wasn't sure but as the day went on I was liking it more and more! Gorgeous bottle too!

  4. Anon - it is a very complex scent, reminds me a bit of hash mixed with florals - the more you use it, the more intoxicating!

    Enjoy your new purchase :)


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