Thursday, October 27, 2011

Palmer's Cocoa Butter SPF 15 Hand Cream

I love handcreams, really, I’m actually quite obsessed with them. They help soothe my cuticles, prevent those shaggy bits of skin from forming and peeling on the side of nail and soften the rough edges around my index and thumbs since I never wear gloves for any chores.

So I have countless numbers of them lying around the various room of the house, 2 in the office at work, another in the car, and yet another one in the handbag!

Unfortunately none of them have sun protection so I always have to slather sunscreen on top over the back of my hands whenever I’m out in the sun. So when the clever guys at Palmer's came out with this great wonder cream to the mass market – I was singing hallelujah.

Palmers’s Cocoa Butter Formula Hand Cream SPF 15 – 60g 
  • Rich thick, this hand cream comes with a luscious chocolate scent and is the perfect size to carry around in your day hand bag. It rubs into skin easily and once absorbed, is non greasy and has an instant softening effect. I'd love it even more if the it had a velvety finish to-touch afterward like L'Occitane handcreams, but then again, it might not come out as affordable 
  • Deeply nourishes skin with coconut oil and cocoa butter, vitamin E, this is a great daily hand cream. . Best of all the inbuilt broad spectrum sunscreen means one less follow-up cream I have to layer on my skin and sometimes, I’ll slather this all over my arm as well to make sure I get the moisturisation and sun protection (SPF 15 blocks out 96% of the sun's ray). 
  • Perfectly sized for the handbag, it's a treasure in the car where your hands are likely to be exposed for long periods whilst driving on a sunny day. 
  • If you love the scent of chocolate then you’ll love this hand cream. I’m not big on my gourmand scents but I don’t mind this chocolatey one because it’s that good. 

Big brownie points to Palmer’s for being the first to come out to the mass market with and SPF hand cream. It’s a very affordable and works wonders to soothe, protect and softens skin, and best of all, it has the highly coveted UVA/UVB protection so I don’t have to slather another layer of cream on top and end up a greasy mess.

RRP A$4.20 at supermarkets, Priceline, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.
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  1. The price on this is pretty good, I need a hand cream with sunscreen in it so I must give this a go but I'm not all that keen on the chocolate scent, will have to try it and see.

    I think I'm just as big a hand cream addict as you, I have them everywhere!!!

  2. Natio's Wellness Hand Cream is also SPF15, and has almost no scent, which is good for those who don;t like a strong scent.

  3. On thanks for the information on Natio's hand cream. I really liked their products but didn't see the SPF one last time I check. Will look harder next time as I'm not fanatical about my hands smelling like chocolates when using it.


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