Monday, November 7, 2011

It's a Close Shave with Trishave & Gillette Venus Embrace

You may or may not know this but I’m currently undergoing laser hair removal treatments so in between the 6 weekly sessions, epilating (my preferred hair removal method) is a no-no and I can only shave the re-growths.

With the warmer weather, I can’t hide the re-growths under layers of clothing as often so am having the find the most comfortable shaving process to minimize razor bumps and irritated skin and I honestly think I’ve found the winning combination in these two products

Trishave 3 in 1 Shave Creme for Women* - 100g RRP A$8.50

I’ve actually never heard of the brand or knew of its existence before my ABBW visit in September where I was introduced to it. Dermotologist approved, this 3 in 1 formula gives a great shaving experience as it’s a cream that you apply as you would a body moisturiser onto skin (I apply with damp hands to get a lathering effect in preparation for the shave).

It softens the hair and prepares it for the shave, acts as a lubricant during the shaving process and also is a moisturiser to leave skin hydrated. The tea tree oil sooths and prevents redness and razor bumps and I haven’t’ experienced any irritation after shaving unlike previous times prior to using this product. This conditioning soap-free formula also smells amazing with the slight rose scent mingled with the stronger tea tree oil (so if you don't like the scent of tea-tree, you may not like the smell of this product).

Results are incredibly smooth silky skin that feels likes every singled hair has been removed (close inspections showed I did missed a few finer hairs but it still feels so smooth!) and this lasts for 3-4 days on my legs and longer for my underarms as hair grows back slower in that area.

Best of all I don’t suffer from the scaly skin effects often seen after shaving and I also don’t have to spend extra time moisturizing my legs or rinsing out the shaving cream which makes it great for last minute quickie jobs before heading out.

ingredients listing

Trishave is available at Coles supermarkets and Priceline stores.

Gillette Venus Embrace  Pink - RRP A$14.99 
(A$21.95 for 4 replacement cartridges) 
With 5 blades and a pivoting head that helps to contour the curves of body, it provides a close shave and takes a lot more hair off in one swipe. It also contains a guiding strip to guide hair into the razor and is surrounded by a strip of water activated-moisture for a smooth gliding shaving experience. I like the fact that the handle is covered with a pink silicon grip for ergonomic handling and it feels comfortable using the razor at all times.

The razor heads are replaceable so when the blades go dull, you can always pop on new replacement heads. I’ve always found the blades with heads to be on special in supermarkets more often so just buy a complete new pack which comes with 2 blade heads and a shower pod with a suctions to attached to shower glass or tile walls (which I personally don't care for but other people may find it handy). 

Together these 2 products have been keeping me smooth and silky and I may even rethink my dislike of shaving now that I've found this great shave creme and easy-to-use razor combo.

Gillette Venus Embrace is available at all major supermarkets, Priceline stores, Big W, Kmart, Target and most other pharmacies.

Do you prefer shaving or waxing? Which at home products do you use? 
Products marked * have been provided for consideration but I'll gladly purchase. All other products have been purchased by me. 

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