Monday, November 21, 2011

My Swishing Pantene Aqua Light TVC

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I went up to Sydney last month for a Pantene Aqua Light hair treatment and blow dry at the chic Barney Martin Hair Studio in Surrey Hill.

What I didn't mentioned last time was that after my blow drys, along with fellow bloggers Valerie and Tine, we were given the opportunity to make our own hair swishing TV commercial for Pantene's latest offering - Aqua Light.

Yours truly, Valerie and Tine
I've always envied the girls with their beautiful hair that who are able look absolutely stunning when they swirl their heads and their amazing head of glossy manes so jumped at the opportunity to make my own commercial and look anywhere near as graceful as those TV beauties.

To get us all into the mood, Barney donned on a pretty wig and gave us a swishing demonstration himself.
Barney looking HOT with his swishing wig
Now thankfully we weren't making the official commercials because I have no such talents in front of the screen, but it was great fun to shoot the scenes and come back a nice little personal momento that I'm sure will give many chuckle in years to come when looking back at the all-too-hilarious footage.
shooting the TVC
Most importantly, I had a ball making the commercial and got a taste of what it like to do multiple takes of the same shoot to get the perfect shot (it is hard work I tell you - I have new-found respect for all the models and actors out there!).

So here it is - the fruits of my labour. Just don't mind my contorted facial expressions - I could never keep a straight face when I was being told to swing my heads from one end to another with the hair plastering all over my face.

I hope you enjoy this little comical TVC of mine. Just don't just laugh too hard - I had my mum laughed her head off when I showed this to her the first time this week.

You can also check out my fellow beauty bloggers Tine and Valerie's Pantene TVC on their blogs.

Finally, don't forget to enter the Pantene Make a Swish competition currently running to make your very own TVC and win an amazing cash prize.

Additional photos courtesy of Saunders & Co.


  1. I like the second last shot. Very stylish ;)

  2. haha, thanks Tine. Your TVC looks so much better!


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