Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pantene Aqua Light & A Swishing Competition

Pantene sceptics, I know there’s quite a few of you are out there. And as they say in industry, perception is reality - especially if 1 in 5 out of a sample of 159 women think that Pantene is bad for them and weighs their hair down.

I personally don’t mind Pantene because I have thick hair (and a lot of it too) so pantene’s formula have always worked for my hair rather than against it. But I know fine haired friends of mine are not so lucky and can find the original formula far too heavy for regular use.

After all this time, the folks at Pantene have heard its consumers and sceptics loud and clear and created a product that directly addresses these perception and concerns about Pantene products.

And folks, that is how the Aqua Light range is born. Guaranteed to leave no residue, and not be heavy or weigh hair down, this collection is will deliver hydration and that fresh ‘just washed’ feeling without hair feeling weighed down or looking limp and flat.

Having used it myself recently when I was given a wash and blow dry at Barney Martin’s Surrey Hill Salon, I can attest to it how light it feels.

My hair feels like its been using a clarifying shampoo and my hair was soft, weightless, and full of volume and without the usual pantene coating that I get from using the regular version. The blow dry was the icing on the proverbial cake (pass on my thanks to Jarita will you Barney?) and left my hair super straight and sleek, making me wish I had a stylist every morning to do my hair before I headed off to work .

Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner 350ml, RRP A$7.99 from major supermarkets, Priceline, discount department stores and most chemists.

So you want more than just nice swishing hair? Well you may just be in luck.

To help launch this latest range, Pantene has launched a ‘Make a Swish’ competition where you could be in the running to win $10k cold hard cash and become the face of Pantene Aqua Light (imagine starring in your own Pantene commercial – now that’s potentially 15 minute of fame you’d be proud to tell the grandkids of in years to come).

Simply upload a video of you unleashing your swishing powers and you’re in the running to win – it couldn’t be any easier!

I just might go practice my swishing techniques now and I hope to be able to see your hair swishes too!

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