Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Perk things up with Rodial Boob Job

There’s been a lack of posts recently from me due to work and family taking over my life.

After very long hectic days planning and setting up a new project, I’m just mentally and physically exhausted. Then there's family commitments in evenings and after all of that, I just don't have much energy left for blogging at 11pm each night. Hopefully, with family members heading back to France this Friday and some of the project set up activities settling down, I’ll able to get back into the regular groove.

To warm things up this week, let’s look at a novel product from UK cult skincare line Rodial.

Radial Boob Job - 120ml

With such a cheeky name, I chuckle every time I see this very serious looking bottle on my vanity table.  Ok – so this product doesn’t promise to give you cleavage the size of Pamela Anderson or Heidi Montag but then again, you wouldn’t expect to achieve silicone implant results from a bottle of cream would you?

Still, I was secretly wishful for some enlarging results and maybe see a boosted set of cleavage with regular use.

So what exactly would Rodial’s boob do? I put this to the test and after 5 weeks, I can tell you exactly what it does and doesn’t do for me

It Doesn’t:
  • Make you look like you’ve had breast enlargements – but I didn’t expect it to and no one else should. If you want a bigger bust then you would already be considering surgery, not a cream.
  • Contains any hormones and is based on a natural phytosterol, derived from an Asian root to slightly increase the bust size.
  • Cause any breakouts – my chest area is quite prone to breakouts if the product is too rich or greasy. This light cream is more a gel texture easily absorbs into skin without residue stickiness and I didn’t experience any irritations whilst using it over over the course of the month.
It Does:
  • Smooth the skin on your bust, your boobs and the dellolete area. Yep baby like skin can be yours again
  • Envelop your skin with a luxurious layer of silkiness that moisturises and leave skin feeling so soft to touch that you will ahem want to touch yourself a bit more frequently. This is made all the more pleasurable to use with the light fragrance which is the signature scent across the rodial line of an infusion of jasmine & neroli. 1 pump for each side nightly (I’m far too rushed for time in mornings to do the twice a day routine so I only do the morning sessions on weekends). 
  • contains volufiline to promote the storage of fat cells in your bust area, pentapeptides to promote the synthesis of collagen, wheat protein to firm plump and tone, myrrh extract to plump up fat cells and skin
  • Firm up the boobs so they look perky and fresh again. Finally, there is hope for sagging breasts after all without surgery. After the 3rd week, I notice a slight lift, and for my more mature (read: gravity-affected) mum, she noticed a more dramatic lifting result than me. Morale of the story: you'll get more telling results if you have lost more elasticity on your cleavage
ingredients listing (click to enlarge and read properly)

Rodial's Boob Job is not really about increasing your cleavage size because in honesty, there was minimal enlarging effect. It’s star qualities is how it helps to achieve fresher, younger looking perky boobs again. And to get that without going under the knife – well then it’s a product worthy of its name isn’t it?

RRP A$150 exclusively at Myer stores in Australia |  £127 at Rodial online in the UK 
This featured product was provided for consideration.

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