Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Don't have time to paint your nails before going to bed but you need them looking pretty and sparkling the next day?

Sally Hansen has the solution for you with Salon Effects. Made from real nail polish sprayed onto a layer of glue, these strips are easy to peel off and apply to nail and look as if hours has been laboured to give beautiful effects when in fact it would take less than 20 minutes to do.

The kit comes complete with cuticle stick, a mini file and buffer and 16 nail strips to fit all nail shapes and an instruction guide on how to apply the file.

Tip: Apply a base coat so the strips can adhere better to nail. Peel off paper backing and apply to nail, rubbing over the nail lengthway to remove any air bubbles and use the file to cleanly file off excess nail polish strip.

With no drying time, and resistant to lifting, these quick and easy work of art lasts over a week (especially when a clear top coat is applied after application and 3 days later to help the polish looking fresher).

And when you're ready to take them off, just use any nail polish remover to wipe them off.

With many creative designs, there's bound to be a style and design that would suit your occasion. I've got on a limited Halloween edition silver cobweb style this week in keeping with the Halloween theme but I also love current best seller 'misbehave' (nude base with fishnet stocking design).

For those of you in Melbourne, Sally Hansen has a mobile manicure bar set up at Federation Square and are offering free manicures (including the Salon Effects applications). Get there quick because their last day is this Thursday 3rd November.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects RRP A$14.95 at Priceline stores.
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  1. Aaaww wish they have the mobile manicure bar in brisbane too!! These are handy little things ;)

  2. Thanks Dana - They are and now I've worked out how easy they are to apply, I'm going to hunt down a couple more designs in Priceline for special occasions.

  3. I've been interested in trying these, unfortunately I can't get away with designs like these at work but they look so cool!


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