Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clinique Chubby Sticks

Do you love hydration of lip balms but wished for more colour payoff in them? If so, then I think I've found the perfect product that would do exactly that.

Clinique Chubby Sticks Lip Colour Balm
Woopin watermelon, Mega Melon, Super Strawberry, Whole Lotta Honey
Shaped like a crayon, what I love most about these sticks is that they don’t need to be sharpened at all when the stick gets blunt. All you need to do is twist the silver end of the pen and you’ve got a longer stick to use instantly. No mess, no fuss!

And with shea and mango butters, jojoba and olive oil, these seriously go on like a balm, is soothing and moisturise the lips for hours on end with not hint of stickiness, and give a beautiful sheen to lips.

As for the colours, they impart a sheer hint of tint to give lips a fuller and healthier look. Layering the product do intensify the colour and gives a deeper tint but my medium natural lip colour still shows through.

The range come in 8 shades and the current Chubby Colour & Shine set with 4 mini chubby stick which is part of the Christmas gift sets that I picked up last week at the Beauty Beats event contains the best selling shades set is perfect way the start the chubby stick collection with a silver makeup purse to keep them all safe.
These mini sticks are less than half size (1.2g vs 3g for the full size ones) but are a great way to get acquainted with the range for less than the price of 2 full-sized products.

And with Summer now in full swing these are the perfect lip product to take to the beach with you for softly tinted hydrated lips all day long.

Woppin' Watermelon is a pale cool pink and on my lips is the perfect milky nude pink. It is almost the perfect nude pink shade for me - if only there is slightly more colour payoff to cover my uneven tip tone.

Whole Lotta Honey is a warm red based caramel tint that looks like my lip colour but a hell lotta better!

Mega Melon is a peachy shade with just the right hint of pink to look pretty on lips.

Super Strawberry is a berry tint that stains the lips just the right shade.

For comparison and swatching completeness purpose I’ve also include a swatch of Chunky Cherry, which I have a full size stick of and is a bright cherry stain and is very apt of its name.
Chunky Cherry and swatch

Other shades available are Fuller Fig, Richer Raisin and Graped-Up.

Chubby Stick Full size 3g A$35 | Limited Edition Chubby Colour and Shine Set A$59 are available at Myer and David Jones stores.


  1. I have the Super Strawbeery stick. I'm so happy that l found it, it's perfect for my lip colour.

  2. Also similar are the Revlon Lip Butters! Not out in Australia yet though damn!!

  3. my favourites are Woppin Watermelon and Super Strawberry - love them so much :)

    Oh, wonder when we'll get the Revlon lip butters, if at all

  4. Squuueee these are perfect! :D I have really fry and cracked lips from the winter weather and sometimes balm is never enough :)
    These look great x

  5. Abbey9sadaino - they are perfect for keeping lips moist and inject some colour. Am toting one of the sticks in my handbag everyday now :)


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