Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How To: Bust Pesky Ingrown Hairs

 If you shave or wax then you would most likely experienced to some degree the frustrating condition of ingrown hairs. Guys are not spared either, in fact, they are more prone as most of them are likely to be shaving their face on a daily basis.

To add insult to injury, these unsightly red bumps not only make a mockery of your attempts for beautiful fuzz free skin, but can be quite painful when they become inflamed and infected, and worse scar your skin afterwards – ouch!

Ingrowns are caused by growing hair curling back as it grows so it gets trapped under the skin. This happens because the end of the hair shaft are cut at an angle during shaving or breaks off at with a sharp tip and courages the hair to grow back into the skin rather than out, and inflaming the hair follicle in the process.

There’s no magic trick to stop it from occurring but here’s a few things to do and products to try to minimise its occurrence.
Manicare Cellulite Bristle Brush, ASAP revitalising body scrub, Skin doctors Ingrow Go, Caron Bump Eraiser
  • Shave in the direction of the hair growth so that hair grows back straight rather than against, which encourage it to outward from your skin and minimises the curling.If you are a waxer, then the best is to prep your skin before and treat it after to prevent ingrown hairs (see below points).
  • Exfoliate daily. This is a key factor to ensure that there are no skin build up that might trap the hairs under your skin. Try using an exfoliating brush (my favourite is Manicare’s Cellulite Bristle Brush RRP A$14.95. Available at Priceline, Myer and selected pharmacies) or a exfoliating body scrub (I’m loving ASAP Revitalising body scrub RRP A$39 which also has AHA to help remove those dead skin cells and give smooth glowing skin. Available at the Facial Company and selected salons)  
  • Use products that specifically treats ingrown hair. Skin Doctors Ingrow Go RRP A$24.95* which is a salycilic based liquid that is particularly good at softening and exfoliating the skin so ingrowns don’t get a chance to develop at all. Ingrow Go has an alcoholic smell and can sting if you have open cuts so is best used in the days before and after shaving rather than immediately afterwards. Available at Myer and selected pharmacies.
  • Another star product is Caron Bump Eraiser medi paste RRP A$16.75, a thick cream with tea tree, triclosan and vitamin A to treat the redness and swelling of inflamed ingrown while it prevents further ingrown. With medip paste, you can use the product immediately after without too much discomfort and the days after to prevent bumps occuring after waxing or shaving. I’ve also managed to reduce the appearance of the few bumps at the back of my arms after 2 weeks of use and can’t wait until they completely disappear.Available at selected pharmacies.
If you are suffering from embarrassing and painful ingrowns, don’t just hide away and suffer in silence. Fight back with the right products and a regular exfoliating regime, you’ll soon lose the bumps and and marks and have the smooth skin you’ve always coveted.

Do you suffer from ingrowns? which areas are you most prone to them? I get them on my inner thighs (and I don't even shave there, so go figure), lower legs, less often on the upper arms and underarm areas.

Products marked * were provided for consideration. All other products were either purchased or won in competitions.


  1. Ugh ingrown hairs are the bain of my existence, nothing I do seems to help that much. I get them on underarm & bikini area. I've tried exfoliating and bump eraser to help but I still have problems. I'm on the verge of going the laser hair removal route to eliminate hair forever!

  2. oh you poor thing Megan - have you tried glycolic based body moisturisers (like ASAP)? they help to ensure the dead skin cells fall off and don't clog up pores. I find it all smooths my skin alot as well so I hope it works for you.


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