Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Review: Busby Pure Tissue Oil

Do you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin?
Or you have some dark marks from new scars you would like to fade?
How about stretch marks? What wouldn’t you give to make those lines fade away right?

Given I tick all the above, I’m always looking for products to address my conditions. So when I had the opportunity to try new product that claims to improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars, restores the skin moisture level and even help with minimising the appearance of wrinkles, it sounded too good to pass up.  Was it as good as its claims? Let me share my experience with you.

Busby Pure Tissue Oil
  • Core ingredients in this product are grape seed oil, rose hip oil, vitamin E and avocado oil which are high in linoleic acid, omega-3 and omega-6 acids, all known elements that help to promote collagen production for healthy firm skin as well as anti-oxidants that help to fight off free-radicals.
  • Despite being an oil, it is amazingly light and absorbs instantly with a pleasant and light fragrance. It is light enough to be used on the body and face if required.
  • I used the oil on my body as I don’t have dry skin on my face. Immediate results with use are re-hydrated skin with the skin’s moisture barrier is boosted as the oil creates a fine film to improve the skin’s moisture retention levels.
  • Over week, skin was softer, smoother and less prone to dryness. There were no changes in scars or stretch marks. I can't comment on wrinkle reduction as I don't have wrinkles in my body, but with any oil, I would see it plumping up the skin area to improve its appearance upon use.
  • After six weeks of use, the scar above my knee where I had a big gash last year is a lot fainter. The skin around it is also baby smooth and better in texture. I can see this being very good for healing scars and burns.
The scar above my knee
As for stretch marks, I only noticed a very slight change after 6 weeks use. My stretch marks are still the pale silvery slithers against my skin (which was the case before I started using the product) but I think the width of the lines have decreased slightly and the skin is more even toned so they are less prominent relative to the rest of the skin. I would expect to see more results if the stretch marks were newer.

This oil has been a pleasant surprise oil for me. It isn’t a miracle product but gives hope that with longer term committed use, I’ll see more fading in my scars and further improvements in my stretch marks.

Busby Pure Tissue Oil 100ml RRP A$17.95 at selected pharmacies.

Are you interested in trying the oil yourself?
Well you’re in luck as I have 3 bottles to giveaway. All you neeed to do is comment on this post and tell me what you hope this oil to improve for you most.

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  1. i hope Busby Pure Tissue Oil will help lightens my face and body pimples scars and will help moisturize my skin!!i'm really impressed that this oil is a great combination of some very expensive and effective oils like rose hip oil,vitamin E and avocado oil and it has ingredients that help promote collagen,the description is very catchy as it helps eliminate problems that most women are concerned about,this bottle offers so many solutions so i believe it's worth a try:)
    GFC: benish

  2. I'd love to try this Busby product - what I really want it to do is even out my slightly scarred and dry skin for my wedding in a few months time. If I start now my skin should be radiant by then. I have a strapless dress and would love it if my shoulders and upper back could be be at their very best.

  3. I recently suffered from bed bug bites all over my body including my face that left hundreds of unsightly round dark scar. To cover them up, I had to wear jeans or leggings all the time and put on a full coverage foundation. I hope with the help of Busby pure tissue oil, the appearance of my scars would improve.

  4. Acne scarring has left me with pigmentation spots, would love to get rid of it permanently!

  5. I would hope that it could help with my scars from hip surgery because I haven't found anything that helps yet...

  6. Oh wow, this sounds great! I have dealt with acne on my forehead, chest and back since I was 12. I've had some pretty terrible experiences in school etc due to bullying ... tried to cover up by growing out a fringe but obviously that just made it worse! I started using the pill at the beginning of the year and my forehead is now acne free but there are still noticeable scars which I cover with makeup (not good I know!!). Same with my chest, no more acne but some redness. On my back however, the scars are really really obvious. It makes me petrified of Summer where I won't be able to cover my back with my hair when I'm wearing singlets. This has also narrowed down my dress and hair choices for special events etc :( I really don't know what to do about it. If this Busby product could even only very slightly fade my back scarring, I would be insane not to try it. Thanks for introducing this product to me :)

  7. I'd love to try this oil because I have very bad stretch mark scars. During my three pregnancies, I gained almost 30kg each time, and my skin has been very badly affected as a result. I no longer wear anything shorter than knee length, and I cover my arms up too. Needless to say, the summer months aren't fun! Id love to see if this oil would reduce the appearance of my stretch marks somewhat so I won't have to cover up so much. Thankyou for the opportunity to email is

  8. To be perfectly honest, l would use this on the scars l gave myself by self-harming. I feel so ashamed of them everytime l glance at my wrists. I haven't hurt myself in over a year though, which is something to celebrate. If l find a way to make them fade well, l'm going to get a tattoo over my wrist, a little symbol that always helps me keep going.

    BTW, just discovered your site yesterday. Loving it :)

  9. Beautiful entries all of you, it makes it so hard to pick a winner but I've been moved by some of your stories so much, I can't wait to share with you the winners :)

  10. I have a badly keloid scar on my stomach, being a teenage girl this has affected my life and confidence. I have just started using busby tissue oil on my scar and have already noticed a slight difference in the tightness of the area around the keloid. I will continue to post about the difference this product makes!

  11. @anonymous - that's great news for you. Good luck and drop me a note as it improves more :)


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