Friday, January 20, 2012

Bobbi Brown Lip Liner - Red

Continuing on from yesterday showcase of lip products, today I'll show you a red that Akisa recommended to me for when I want to have pure red lips.

Bobbi Brown Lip liner - Red 
A naturally flattering way to define lips. Lip Liner is long-wearing and non-drying, applies smoothly and evenly, and helps reduce feathering. Each liner includes a sharpener.

This lip pencil comes with a metallic lid that closes tightly so you know its secure in your makeup bag if you carry it around with you. I also like the fact that Bobbi includes a sharpener in the box so you don’t have to go looking too far for one after a few uses and you don't have one at hand
Bobbi Brown - Red on NC30 Skin indoor white light
Against my skin, this is a true brick red that brightens up my face. It is a very pigmented. Goes on easily without tugging althought not as smoothly as the MAC lip liner. It's still quite hydrating as it didn’t dry my lips.

The best thing with this shade and the lip liner is the the colour lasts. And by that I mean for over 2 hours, the colour didn't fade  Even with eating and drinking  where the intensity of the red falls away, there is still plenty of punch left on lips to go that few extra miles.

I do find lining lips a must with red lips as you want to define the cupids bow to create that seductive fullness and prevent any feathering of the bright colour around the edge of your lips. If used for filling in lips as well, be sure to condition them first as any flakes and dryness will be accentuated with this pencil.

RRP AU$43 | US$20 at Bobbi Brown counters and Bobbi Brown online. This is very expensive for a lip pencil but you are getting a sharpener as well. Still, it would be great to see Australian Bobbi Brown products align closer to US pricing. I bought this at the Estee Lauder Staff shop for around A$26.


  1. oh lovely!! I really like this colour! Pity Aus prices are so expensive, although I have a EL shop pass, so I wonder if the bris store has any!

  2. Nice colour!
    Its always great when things actually stay where you put them too haha :D I have had SO many liners that come straight off after drinking a cup of coffee or something! ;-)


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