Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Skin Physics Liposculpt: Body Sculpting Gel

Now that I'm well and truly getting into my 30s, I’m noticing quite a few changes to my body; scars are taking longer to heal, bruises take 2 weeks to fade instead of days, and my skin is not as taut or firm as it was in my early and mid 20s.

It seems my cells are just not renewing as quickly as they use to anymore and in a bid to get toner skin, I’ve taken up low impact weight bearing exercise to try and tone the muscles and tighten up the skin. 
But you guys know me, I’m always on the look out for products that can help me get the job done, quicker, easier, better.

So when a product was introduce to me last year that promised to sculpt and lift skin on the body, I naturally jumped at the opportunity to give it a try. At the same time, being a beauty blogger, I ‘ve become hardened to alot of the claims of skin tightening and sculpting products that don't do more than moisturise the skin. So did my latest product trial deliver on its claims?

Skin PhyscisLiposculpt Body Sculpting Gel

Skin Physics Body Sculpting Gel is a potent cosmeceutical that has been specially formulated with natural exfoliating agents, potent fat burning liposomes, ivy extracts to boost circulation, bupleurum falcatun root extract to enhance fat burning process, retinol to contribute to collagen building and cellular repair.

Other than the ingredients mentioned in its description, the gel also contains active ingredients salicylic acid to better exfoliate for a smoother skin and caffeine for its anti-inflammatory properties and vessel constriction to reduced water retention in skin.
The product itself is a lightweight vicious gel that is tinted an orange shade with a faint herbaceous scent . It feels slightly sticky when rubbed into skin but the stickiness disappears when dry.

It is very cooling when massaged into the body and a pleasure to use during the warm summer months. When using, you're meant to massage the body are in upward motions and I think this helps to kick start the blood circulation improvements and help the active ingredients penetrate into the skin more evenly.

Immediate results after using this gel is the feeling of skin tightness and you get the impression it's working straighten away to firm up the skin but that sensation is temporary and disappears within 30 minutes.
    After 1 week, I noticed that the skin on my thighs where I've been slathering the product feels much smoother and  not just softer.The little skin bumps I have around the inner thighs have also diminished.

    After 2 weeks, skin was firmer. After 4 weeks, I continued to experience firmer skin, most noticeable on the inner thigh area than on my upper arms. I know this is from the effects of the product rather than exercise because during the Christmas period, I’ve stopped doing my weights and I still continue to see improvement in firmness of skin as opposed improvements to muscle tone.

    In the 4-week timeframe, I didn't notice any improvements (and didn't expect) any stretchmarks appearances and I'm not sure if it would also improve cellulite appearance either. However, given it does firm skin, I expect it to give some visual improvements from cellulite after a few months' use. Stretchmarks improvements may be pushing it if they are very old ones like the owns I have.

    Overall, I’m mighty impressed by this sculpting gel from Skin Physics because I was sure it wasn't going to work. I'm pleasantly surprised and am delighted by the results it's providing. Now I’m very curious about whether using the sculpting gel with the Skin Physics Liposculpt ultra sonic hand held device (which this gel was made to complement) would give more significant results. If only my beauty budget wasn't so drained and I wasn’t already committed to picking up the POSE device, I'd be pick up the device to try it with the gel all in the name of 'research'!

    But I will definitely be refilling this tube when it runs out because it’s an effective product that is reasonably priced for a 200ml tube and would last a couple of months' worth of daily use on legs and arms (less if your using on more body parts like stomach, butt etc).

    Have you tried any body sculpting products? Are there any that you like?
    200ml  RRP A$69 at selected Myer, Shaver Shop, Harrisons and Terry White Chemist stores or
    This product was provided for consideration.


    1. I think every woman has skin tightening problems, especially after 30. I must admit that I tried so many creams and body solutions and some of them were quite useful for me. I think I will use "Skin Physics Body Sculpting Gel" as well, because I want to see more good results, even if I know that I won't have a firm skin without a plastic surgery.

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