Monday, January 23, 2012

Holy Grail Product: BioEffect EGF Serum

This week I’ve decided to write up a skincare series and dedicate it to all the products that I’ve been using over the last few months and share with you my experiences with them.

I’ll start by introducing you one of the cult product that took Europe, Australia and the rest of the world by storm in 2011.

Bio Effect - EGF Serum 
BioEffect EGF Serum is a revolutionary new skin care product based on the latest developments in molecular biology. Contains EGF, a natural cellular activator enhancing nautural rejuvenation of the skin. Improves complexion and renews youthful glow. For firmer skin, more even skin tone and reduction of visible fine lines and wrinkles.

This innocent clear looking viscous serum hails from Iceland and packs a serious punch. The first thing you will notice when you decide to take one of these bottle home is the price. At an eye-watering A$180 per 15ml, it’s one of the most expensive skincare products I’ve ever come across.

There are only 9 ingredients in this product. The theory is simple. No fillers, additives or perfumes. Just the active ingredients in an aqueous base for maximum efficacy.
The star ingredient in Bio effect is EGF or epidermal growth factors. In layman’s term, this is a cellular activator that stimulates growth and cellular activity of skin cells. What sets it apart from traditional EGF is that this is plant based, extracted using genetic technology from barley plants that are fed with pure spring waters of Iceland as opposed to extraction from animals or bacteria sources (eg. the snail slime EGF products popular in the Korean and Asian markets – ewww!).

A little bit more on EGF –these proteins are already naturally occurring in skin so what you are doing is adding to your body’s own natural source because your skin decreases its production of EGF with age. Bioeffect gives skin a booster dose to help with the renewal and maintenance of healthy skin cells.

There is just 0.1% of the EGF in the serum but it's potent (and deemed by the scientists to be the most efficient concentration)! Scientific studies (Efficacy report 2011 Iceland) have demonstrated that EGF plays an extensive role in skin regeneration and wound healing by signalling epidermal skin cells to produce elastin and collagen to replicate and form at an increased rate

Because the product is as pricey as gold, I only use my little 3ml vial sample on my most troubled areas – my eyes at night very sparingly dispensing one droplet per eye. When using this product, it’s advised to not layer with other products as it might interfere with its efficacy.

The serum is a clear scentless liquid that quickly absorbs into skin using light patting motion without any residue. It hydrated the skin well even though I had to stop myself applying other products on top because of its lightnesss.

I had no reaction to my skin using this product but know of people who have broken out with milia from it's use so I do advise trying to get your hands on a sample vial to try fir yourself first where possible.

After about 4 days of use, I started to notice that my eyes looked fresh in the morning without much puffiness. The fine expression lines are also plumped up and less visible. I had to really crinkle up my face to see them again – Impressive.

After 2 weeks use, I just notice the skin around the eye area brighter, the dark circles are still there but not as dark. In 4 weeks, the pigmentation spots around the eye area which have been a large concern were also lighter in colour. Skin is smooth, plumped and there is that youthful glow around my eyes. I honestly think this product turned the clock back 3-4 years on my eye area and can only imagine what it could do to the rest of my face had I also used it on those areas.

I want to run out and buy the full bottle except the price is quite prohibitive. If used on the entire face, the 15ml won’t last more than 6 weeks for me. I think I’ll invest in this serum in my 40s but for the time being, I’m going to search for a more wallet-friendly alternative and also start buying a lotto ticket so that I can afford to buy this product sooner!

To date, Bioeffect has been one of my most impressive serum tried in 2011. It is a wonderful moisturiser but that's not what impresses me as you can get this with other products. I want to drench my whole face in it because it is very effective and gives me radiant youthful, line diminished skin and really delivered on its claims. If you want to treat those skin concerns effectively without resorting to medical procedures, then I whole-heartedly recommend this 'miracle-like' product.

RRP 15 ml at A$180 | US$210 at BioEffect online in Australia and US and £125.00 in Boots stores in the UK.
*Gasp* for once something is cheaper in Australia!
A sample vial of this product was provided for consideration. I also have another vial from one of the beauty boxes.


  1. I was lucky enough to trial this amazing product for free. I received 5 mls and it was enough to use on my whole face daily for 1 month. I found that 2-3 drops were enough. I worked out that I could stretch the 15 mls to 3 months.
    I agree it is wonderful, my skin looked amazing and I saw visible results. I will be 40 this year and even though it is too expensive for me I will splurge and buy it is definitely worth the money.

  2. I'm really's so exxy tho!

    It kinda looks like something you might incorporate into your routine a month or so before a big event to treat yourself.

    Sigh sigh...maybe it'll one day come down in price? Maybe? I hope so!

  3. It's truly looking one of the great product information for me. I am completely amazed to see this one. The extreme contents and features of this source really looking with full of elegance. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lucie - I definitely need to save up heaps to get this one but for sure I would add it to my list of to buys.

    Peta - try and see if you can find a sample size of it first. Too bad this is only available online in AU so you can't even try it out for yourself first at the moment. I'm hoping the price does down too... we can all live in hope.

  5. I just bought this on the IcelandAir plane. I asked the Icelandic flight attendant what was a good product to try and she pointed to a picture of this and said, "I think this is the best in the world". I bought it. You can also purchase it in the Duty Free store. It was a lot cheaper than the american version. I bought a 15 ml. bottle for 47 Euros. The Icelandic version is called EGF Huddropar. You can see a picture of it on the Saga Shop from IcelandAir, also EGF .is I'd paste a link but I'm not sure it would be blocked. Anyway, if you can find the Icelandic version for cheaper, great!

    I'm 40 and a smoker with Rosacea. My face is kind of dry and always red like I stuck my head in an oven! I used it once already and it's pretty amazing. It made my skin soft and dewy all day and night. Can't wait to see what long-term use will look like. As a side note; My Rosacea was pretty much cured while in Iceland. I think it might be their water, along with clean air and the silica mask I used at the Blue Lagoon.


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