Friday, February 3, 2012

Aussie Violent lips for Twenty 20

A bunch of guys are from work are heading to the twenty 20 match this Friday evening. There's going to be flags, T-shirts, banners from Australia and India flying wild in the office and at the MCG grounds. I thought I'd do something different to show my support (even if I could care less about cricket) and sport a statement lip with Violent Lips flag-inspired lip tattoo.

Violent Lips 
back of applique; front showing design; cut to size for my lips
These are temporary lip tattoos that are lightweight to wear and don't dry out lips and so fun to wear for special occasions.  They come in sticker-like paper and you start by tearing the out at the perforation and cutting them to match your lip size using the guides at the back to work out how much to cut off. 

Tips on applying and wearing violent lips
  • Measure and cut them to size, cut a bit off at a time as you can trim more but can't add back if you over trim. 
  • You can carefully trim the top of lip and the bottom of the lower lip applique to make it more contoured to your natural lip line but again, cut a little at a time. 
  • Don't get these babies wet before taking the clear backing is off - otherwise the paper backing will fall off and the tattoo is stuck to the clear side, meaning you will not be able to apply your lip tattoos and will have to start over with a new one. 
  • Excessive widening of lips will stretch the tattoo and cause 'cracks' so that your natural lip colour will show through. Minimise this by avoid opening your mouth too wide during talking or eating. 
  • Although it doesn't dry out lips, the tattoo feels tight on lips so make sure to slick on a clear lipgloss to keep lips mositurised and to prevent it from cracking. 
  • Violent lips survives through drinking ok but I wouldn't recommend to eat with it as I found that the wear greatly diminishes after that. These will last 2-3 hours quite nicely before the 'cracks' shows too much but you can get away with more than 4 hours wear before it starts to look messy if you don't eat. 

My Oi Oi Oi statement lips
These lip tattoos are available in a range of designs from animal prints to polka dots, and sparkly glittery coloured ones. Here's a sample of the range.

Fun to wear and sure to get you noticed, I now have a renewed interest in temporary tattoos since primary school years as these look amazing for parties and social gatherings.

RRP A$14.95 for a pack of 3 lip tattoos at Priceline stores
This featured product was provided for consideration.

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