Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breaking the Taboo: Grooming Downstairs

Today we are going to discuss some grooming habits that we don’t normally talk about. With that little intro, I’m going to launch straight into it – yep, lets talk about grooming your taboo area, aka your bikini area.

For the longest time (call me lazy), I never ventured into grooming that region. To me, it’s not an area of my body that I’m going to expose to publically so what I have is no one's business, preferring to let my garden grow au naturale.

Unfortunately that means in Summer when the weather gets hot and humid, I often get quite stuffy and sweaty downstairs. I didn’t realise it at the time but my unkempt garden added to the humid situation. Then there are the times when I'm in my bathers, the stray hairss would sometimes poke its head out, making it an all too embarrassing moment when I need to adjust my bathers to put them in place again.

Nowadays, I’m alot more savvy and have taken up laser hair removal (let me know if you are interested in seeing a post about that). But for quick maintenance jobs, I use specially designed tools for immediate results..

Gilette Venus Bikini kit – RRP $19.99

The shaver kit comes with a Venus embrace shaver with 5 blades for first time close shave to prevent excessive skin irritations. This is a pivoting razor with rounded edges and rubberised grip for comfortable hold and is suitable for use on all parts of the body (like legs, underarms, bikini line) where a close shave and smooth skin is desired.

The kit also comes with bikini trimmer - a single razor with attached comb to allow the thinning out of hair in the bikini area as well as to shorten its length. It doesn’t cut hair at the base so there is no fear of the stubble feel and guaranteed to not gives you any nicks or cuts as the blade never touches the skin. In a few quick strokes, I managed to tame my unkempt wild garden into a neat and trim hedge.

Best of all the kit comes with an Olay bikini moisturising lotion, which I use on all shaved areas, not just in the bikini area to rehydrate, soothes any irritations and protect and smooth skin with its lightweight non-greasy vitamin e and B3 enriched formula. I also like that it’s fragrance-free so that there is no risk of irritating sensitive skin straight after shaving.

Now that I’ve discovered new tools for grooming, I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to doing it. Honestly it’s fast, easy and so convenient, anyone who wants to avoid a hairy faux pas at the beach or pool (or just want more air flow through their cotton knickers) should get a hand on one of these kits quick smart.

The bikini trimmer is also sold separately – RRP $6.99 at all leading supermarkets, Priceline, and selected pharmacies.

Do you have a grooming routine or do you prefer au naturale? 

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  1. Thanks for posting!! You are damn right about this being a taboo topic area, but I'm happy that you did. It's nice to know your the only insane person who didn't shave that area. I also took ages to attack that area because like you, I didn't see the point because who would see it but me? But I can relate all too well about those stray hairs poking out of bathers.. for that reason I always wore board shorts over top to prevent that disaster until i discovered a similar product with an electric razor with a comb attachment to prevent stubble. Now all good and I have no idea why have not been doing this for years!!


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