Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Healthy Hair: Joico Bio-Advanced Restorative Treatment & Clinicare Split End Fuser

I’ve been trying to grow my hair for the last 6 months so it’s been a while since I had my last trim so now it's definitely starting to show the everyday stress I put it through via all the blow-drying and heat styling from the curling iron.

There are 2 products I’ve been using recently that is helping to keep my hair and ends looking healthy and helping me pro-long my visit to the stylist for a snipping session.

Joico K-PAK Revitaluxe -150ml 
The ulitmate luxury treatment for dry damaged hair. Actively repairs, restores, protects and hydrates hair, correcting years worth of damage while preventing future damage. With each applicaiton, hair instantly becomes stronger, softer, more moisturised, with improved elasticity.  
This Bio-advanced restorative treatment is used in place of a conditioner after shampooing. I alternate between using a colour protecting shampoo (Wella Brilliance) or a moisture replenishing Shampoo (KMS) and then use this for treatment.

It’s light weight with a beautiful light floral fresh fragrance and doesn’t’ leave any residue on hair.
In fact it is so lightweight, after towel drying and a blow dry, I really didn’t feel much of a difference and I was slightly disappointed. I did notice less frizziness and slightly softer, smoother hair but I was expecting salon-results! It was only the next morning where my ends are normally looking dry and hay-like that I saw its benefits.

There was none of the straw-like ends looking business – only straight hair that looked quite healthy. It seems my moisture parched hair finally got a drenching that lasts after a blow dry and onto the next couple of days. After a few more uses and my hair is healthier, smoother and glossier than ever. For something I initially doubted, I can’t believe the impressive results it is having in rehydrating hair from the inside. This is definitely a keeper for my super dry, damaged hair.

RRP A$28.95 at selected salons.

Pantene Pro-V Clinicare Split End Fusion Leave-on Treatment - 5ml x 10*  
"a leave-in treatment that has been designed for severely dry, damaged, chemically stressed, and ageing hair. "
Given I’m growing my hair and not trimming it as often as I need to, split ends are inevitable features of my tresses. It’s gotten quite bad lately and I’ve even resorted to taking a pair of scissors on weekends and snipping the broken and split ends off my hair.

Used after towel drying, I find the 5ml leave-in treatment ampoule enough to cover my thick past-shoulder length hair. I start with working the product into the lengths and then massaging well into the ends of hair.

Again this light fruity-floral treatment is quickly absorbed by hair and leaves only a light residue. As for fusing split ends, they are not magically gone they do appear more refreshed and slightly less frayed looking. They are also less brittle and fragile. After a couple more uses, hair is stronger and less prone to breakages, especially during brushing.

Split End fuser is definitely highly recommended to prevent and strengthen ends but unfortunately nothing will fix those split ends of mine other than a good snip.

RRP A$19.99 at selected supermarkets, Priceline and selected pharmacies.
Products marked * were provided for consideration. 

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